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Stoner rock and are terms describing sub-genres of rock and metal music. They are typically slow-to-mid tempo, low-tuned, and bass-heavy, incorporating elements of traditional heavy metal. psychedelic rock, blues-rock and doom metal into a more repetitive and riff-centred style. Other common traits include melodic vocals and ‘retro’ production. The genre emerged during the early 1990s and was pioneered by the Californian band Kyuss and New Jersey’s Monster Magnet

The progenitors of stoner rock, like their followers today, often share the characteristic that they and their audiences are recreational users of marijuana, or “stoners”. While it would be grossly inaccurate to describe all fans and performers of the styles and bands listed on this page as marijuana users, it is certainly accepted that the effects of marijuana and the often downtuned, slow, or psychedelic riffs of stoner rock complement one another — which eventually led to the common usage of the term “stoner rock” to define the genre, with “stoner metal” coming into use later when a heavier and slower style emerged.

Stoner rock is closely related to the term “”, which was used to describe stoner pioneers Kyuss, from California’s Palm Desert. While stoner rock is thought to be so closely related to desert rock as to be synonymous, in reality much stoner rock is and does not retain the psychedelic or folksy elements of desert rock (for example Clutch are not particularly psychedelic); meanwhile stoner metal is likewise related but not identical to and .

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ASGConcert Southland Ballroom
Raleigh, NC, United States
35.787454 -78.64533
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Strange Matter
Richmond, United States
37.550505 -77.452935
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HogjawConcert Adrenaline Sports Bar & Grill
Las Vegas, NV, United States
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YOB, Witch MountainConcert
The Earl
Atlanta GA, United States
33.74094 -84.346007

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Washington DC, United States
38.916718 -77.024063

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Monday 30 March 2015
Big Business
Mothership, From BeyondConcert
Three Links
Dallas, United States
32.784646 -96.784282

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