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Sludge metal generally combines the slow tempos, heavy rhythms and dark, pessimistic atmosphere of doom metal with the aggression, shouted vocals and occasional fast tempos of hardcore punk. As The New York Times put it, “The shorthand term for the kind of rock descending from early Black Sabbath and late Black Flag is sludge, because it’s so slow and dense”. Many sludge bands compose slow-paced songs that contain brief hardcore passages (for example Eyehategod’s “Depress”). However, some bands emphasise fast tempos throughout their music. The string instruments (electric guitar and bass guitar) are heavily distorted and are often played with large amounts of feedback to produce an abrasive, sludgy sound. Additionally, guitar solos are often absent. Drumming is often performed in typical doom metal fashion, but drummers may employ hardcore d-beat or double-kick drumming during faster passages. Vocals are usually shouted or screamed, and lyrics are generally pessimistic in nature. Suffering, drug abuse, politics and anger towards society are common lyrical themes.

Many sludge metal bands from the Southern United States incorporate southern rock and blues influence, although not all sludge bands share this style. So-called “atmospheric” sludge bands adopt a more experimental approach and compose music with an ambient atmosphere, reduced aggression and philosophical lyrics. Due to the similarities between sludge and stoner metal, there is often a crossover between the two genres, but sludge metal generally avoids stoner metal’s positive atmosphere and its usage of psychedelia.

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TorcheConcert The Orpheum
Tampa FL, United States
27.961041 -82.444241

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TorcheConcert BackBooth
Orlando FL, United States
28.541434 -81.379934

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Saturday 4 October 2014
Negative StandardsConcert
Scowling House
Portland, United States
45.548889 -122.668076
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Tuesday 7 October 2014
The Body
Burmese, Striations, SandwormConcert
The Night Light
Oakland, CA, United States

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Thursday 9 October 2014
Buke and GaseConcert
Boot & Saddle
Philadelphia, United States
39.936944 -75.166535
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The Atlas Moth, The Proselyte, The Ditch and the DeltaConcert
The Shred Shed SLC
Salt Lake City, United States
40.761285 -111.888451

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