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Slam death metal is a style of brutal death metal subgenre which focuses on the 'mosh' parts (slams) rather than the blasting parts. The genre started in 1991 by the idea focused by Internal Bleeding but was not recognised as an official sub-genre until 1995 when their debut album Voracious Contempt was released. This was still not enough for most fans to go over to calling it slam death metal. However, Devourment changed this with their debut release in 1997… read more

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  • best genre
  • slam death is the best genre to ever exist in all music
  • This subgenre would be a lot better if it wasn't so incredibly monotonous.
  • @TheArtistBox dude, that would be so if the music sounded like a death metal (obituary and etc). but bands who sign this tag sound like brutal death metal. more brutal than typical death metal. therefore logical to call this subgenre "slamming brutal death metal" which means brutal death metal with "catchy" or "groovy" riffs.
  • yo ill slam my dick into yo grandma boiiii
  • slam is one of the most boring genres on the Earth, every band sounds the same... [3]
  • sangremuerto, nope, your wrong. This is the sub genre. That is a description of said genre or a 'tag'. :)
  • slam is for party animals
  • Check my slamming band
  • who use this tag you're a dumb fucking cunts. correct tag is [url=]Slamming brutal death metal[/url]

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