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    I'm amazed people are still using this stupid Discogs typo from 10+ years ago.
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  • Avatar for tb_lvlup pure noise manifestation - self titled Please check it, a lot of different styles are mixed in this release
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    от чего бы и не написать комментарий
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    Please help ID this 1990's shoegazing track
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  • Avatar for TheLibrarian_
    When did people begin using nouns to tag music?
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  • Avatar for HushSettleDown please check my band out! we are inspired by MB and Red Housde Painters if i had to pick two (: (sorry for spamming, i hate it when others do it, and i feel bad about doing it, but i guess we make shoegaze music... afterall thats all we do at shows!)
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    I fucking love shoegazer my favorite bands are my bloody valentine, slowdive, the list can go on
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    [tag]shoegaze[/tag] pls! hahaha
  • Avatar for bluegrassishhh
    is this tag a joke.
  • Avatar for javiikiller
    tagging a band as "shoegazer" instead of shoegaze is retarded. [5]
  • Avatar for neithan69 - new Forgotten Name material is out now ! :) check it out if you don't know it.
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    tagging a band as "shoegazer" instead of shoegaze is retarded. [4] LOL so true
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    tagging a band as "shoegazer" instead of shoegaze is retarded. [3]
  • Avatar for mk741
    tagging a band as "shoegazer" instead of shoegaze is retarded. [2]
  • Avatar for silverlage
    [artist]starflyer 59[/artist]
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    Shoegazers, check out the new single of Serbian band Vranorod (compared to Lush often)-
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    shoe on a geyser
  • Avatar for Az_aras
    shoegaze in rain
  • Avatar for rg_gapa
    shoegayzer [2] pls tag it correctly, lol
  • Avatar for Indie_Ferente
    I'm Shoegazer!
  • Avatar for paper_swan
    shoegazer.. they stare down at their shoes when they sing/play instruments
  • Avatar for Razor745
    "shoegayzer" Hahaha
  • Avatar for Atmosphere-it
    Well Cl_Cl_, shoegaze is the music, a shoegazer is one who plays it, and shoegaing is the act of playing it.
  • Avatar for Cl_Cl_
    I think I'll laugh 'till death if someone tells me there's a difference between 'shoegaze' 'shoegazer' and 'shoegazing'
  • Avatar for Spendlove
    Quite simple really. Shoegazing is so named because the musicians were so busy staring down at the effects peddles for the guitars... Now stop whining and listen to the best selections of choons.
  • Avatar for takeshi_gitano
    yes, what the fuck is shoegazer?
  • Avatar for HYPER_BOREAN
    Here is new group [group]pathetic music[/group]
  • Avatar for yolatenga
    a person who stares at his shoes whilst grooving into things
  • Avatar for moosefly24
    Dear capitala22, this term has lost all specificity in being able to be useful in describing anything due to its myriad misapplication and neophyte overuse. In other words, don't worry about it. It wasn't describing music anyways, just a press slur at a particular scene at a certain time. You are about 20 years too late. Just have a look at all the bands that have been tagged as such here on and you can see it's pretty well meaningless.
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    what the f is u??
  • Avatar for capitala22
    what the f is shoegazer??

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