Shit only a fag would listen to

Music that attracts people who engage in sodomy. Edit this Artist photo: Radiohead

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  • Zanderich

    youd think pansy division would be in the top artists

    21 hours ago
  • StarlightFox

    penis [2]

    last month
  • Keola_the_Orca

    It's not like being gay is something bad, though... isn't it?

    May 2014
  • nuslear_storm


    April 2014
  • Avantgardian

    Kool & The Gang should not be in the top-8! They're easily better than the other 7 bands combined!!

    November 2013
  • crimsonmaestro


    November 2013
  • Ph1lippe

    This tag is a load of crap. Get over yourselves men, if you don't like a song, don't bother tagging-it.

    November 2013
  • shitstormcoming

    oh boy here we go

    October 2013
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