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Shalom Hanoch ( in Hebrew: שלום חנוך )
He has been called “the father of Israeli rock” (1.) and is recognized by most as one of the most influential musical artists in Israel, who, together with Arick Einstein, broke from the earlier Israeli tradition of “pioneer settler songs” and began introducing lyrics about personal struggles and musings, social and political commentaries, an earthier sensuality and embracing the newer rhythms and sounds emerging in late ‘70’s.

Two albums — Shablul (Snail) and Plastelina (Plasticine) — that Hanoch and Arick Einstein did together in the 1970’s are frequently cited as “the turning point in Israeli music.(2) ”
Hanoch was the first to successfully introduce a more personal, introspective poetic form of song lyric to the Israeli popular music scene and by the ‘80’s, Hanoch turned his poet’s eye and expressive writing style not only to dealing with the pain of his failed marriage, but also to grappling with the issues of one’s relationships with others, with money and fame, and offering troubling and pointed observations about contemporary social and political issues. His vivid and emotional lyrics have often put him forward as spokesperson for these troubling issues and contribute to his staying power as a leading Israeli rock artist, composer, and lyricist from the 70’s through today (3).

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