Songs tagged as ‘sexy’ are often songs by artists the tagger finds good-looking, or by artists who often dress in revealing clothes or sexualised outfits whether they are men or women. A song may also be tagged as ‘sexy’ because it has a sexy feel to it. Tracks with ‘sexy’ may be tracks that make the tagger feel sexually aroused. Edit this Artist photo: Kavinsky

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Friday 22 May 2015
Meg Myers
Meg Myers, Wild PartyConcert
The High Watt
Nashville, United States
36.15286 -86.780452

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Thursday 28 May 2015
Meg Myers
Wild PartyConcert
The State Room
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
40.755273 -111.888884
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Friday 29 May 2015
Party FavorConcert Exchange LA
Los Angeles, United States
34.074457 -118.34437
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Friday 5 June 2015
Meg Myers
Wild PartyConcert
The Boardwalk
Orangevale, CA, Sacramento, United States
38.677787 -121.201396

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Friday 28 August 2015
Lily & Madeleine
Shannon HaydenConcert
Madison Theater
Covington, Cincinnati KY, United States
39.082689 -84.50955
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Friday 11 September 2015
The Pinkprint Tour
Nicki Minaj, TinasheConcert
Memphis, TN, United States
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  • oscar_unsung

    i only see sluts

    last week
  • born-in-hell

    Pedo tag

    last month
  • spike637610

    RockNRollLove wake up stop listing and watching gay olden Bullshit music and listen to real music fuck 96% of artist are sexy and the other 2% isn't. Your probs a guy and most of the artist are guys so y don't you shut the fuck up and listen and watch REAL music. YOU MITE FIND IF U DO LISTEN AND WATCH REAL MUSIC NOT OLDEN SHIT YOU WILL REALISE THAT 96% OF THE ARTIST ARE SEXY

    December 2014
  • The_SchizoidMan

    Massive Attack and Portishead.

    December 2014
  • Centralos

    Hip-Hop group

    December 2014
  • Satoyashi

    @RockNRollNLove Who said tag is a label of genre only? If you like some song, you can tag it as "loved" just to find it easily in mass of "pop", "rock" and other labels. Same with sexy. You think it's sexy? Tag it as sexy. I don't see a problem. Besides, there are some really sexy songs - like "Deftones - Change". Perfect for making love. PS. I'm not using "sexy" tag. I just think, that it's legit to use "non-genre tags" for label music and make it easier to find in your library. That's what they are for. "Alternative" - I can have thousands of those songs, but - for example - only few "melancholic" ones.

    November 2014
  • zhelnerovich

    V you're fucking clueless

    October 2014
  • RockNRollNLove

    Sexy isn't a genre!!!!!!!!!! Stop tagging artists as sexy!

    September 2014
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