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The Seven Great Singing Stars (Chinese: 七大歌星; pinyin: qī dà gēxīng) refers to the seven most renowned singers of China in the early 20th century.

The singers were:
Bai Guang 白光 (1921-1999)
Bai Hong 白虹 (1919-1992)
Gong Qiuxia 龔秋霞 (1918-2004)
Li Xianglan 李香蘭 (1920 -)
Wu Yingyin 吳鶯音 (1922-2009)
Yao Lee 姚莉 (1922-)
Zhou Xuan 周璇 (1918-1957)

Shanghai was occupied by the Japanese in the 1930s. World War II also had an effect on the economy at the time. Several of the stars acted in films, and their music played a prominent role in developing the Cinema of China. They dominated the 1930s and ’40s.

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