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  • LAHardwave

    lo-fi rap that rocks -

    Wednesday morning
  • iZZidane

    Seriously ? How's Eminem rap rock ? the Beastie Boys maybe but definitely not Eminem,

    May 2014
  • SavarThePsycho

    Hollywood Undead, Deuce, Zebrahead and Linkin Park are a very good bands!

    August 2012
  • WasNotWhyNot

    how is it too varied. rap rock covers rock bands that rap. might as well say rock is too varied.

    October 2011
  • Modestmousefan1

    New Politics and Rage Against The Machine FTW

    October 2011
  • Hail-Santa

    I feel rap rock is too varied for one summary. I hate Hollywood Undead, for example, but like other bands that could fall into this category like Eldrine or Rage Against The Machine (imo they qualify with their less heavy songs).

    May 2011
  • GeronkoMan

    Coal Club is an nailer.

    September 2010
  • tha13th

    Nice_Santa Just try 2 fuck yourselfe. twice, in ass, by Cacktuss Вобщем Шутко

    January 2009
  • Nice_Santa

    what a stupid tag

    July 2008