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  • This funny......Fall Out Boy is punker (does it exist ?) than Sex Pistols...... o.o'
  • blink -182? :S
  • ehh... shouldnt The Sex Pistols be at least in the top ten or higher than those bands who arent punk, maybe.
  • Wow, Avril Lavigne over Dead Kennedys and Iggy Pop... That's not even funny anymore :(.
  • Blink182, Green Day and the Offspring went from punk rock genre to pop rock for their last albums. Only the Clash, the Ramones, Wire and the Sex Pistols should be tagged as "punk".
  • yes!
  • what the fuck?? what the hell is wank182 at the top of this list for? they shouldn't be in it at all! why do people tag stuff punk if they have no idea what it is??!
  • The sins of my youth: I was bored and uploaded some stuff of my old band to last.fm http://www.lastfm.de/music/Breschdlingsgsels . We broke up over 8 years ago and will never reunite, so it's just for fun ;)
  • NOFX is punk. blink and Green Day aint. And Offspring more punk than Green Day.
  • We got a punk band! It's rubbish, but listen to it anyway, if only for chear laughs. *TheMistakes*
  • Hey check it out *Better Than Bad*
  • You know who's pretty punk? H.G. Wells.
  • Hey,check out my new song "Wake Me Up" if you want some new shit. Its energetic as hell. :) http://www.last.fm/music/Percy+Mejhagen /Percy
  • hey man also, fugazi isn't anything close to emo, for the tard who stated that somewhere down the wall
  • blink 182 fucking sucks, so does god damn green day
  • Plarg suck! Sex pistols it's father punk!
  • px1
    I love Punk
  • Im so punk I hate punk
  • es ist wirklich eine schande was hier alles als punk getaggt ist...
  • you got to check out this band, I heard of them a few years ago. They have been playing together since 1992 and have like 9 albums out, and all of there music is free to download on there website. There a western canadian band, but they are pretty unknown band to my knowledge. They have a pretty cool style, which is a little different the most new technical skate punk bands. Whatever check out there website www.slushpunk.com ( all of there 9 albums aree free to download ) and there myspace page ( www.myspace.com/slushpunk )
  • TSOL Wins.
  • fugazi isnt emo, theyre post-hardcore.
  • In on The Kill Taker has some pretty punk moments.
  • "rudie can't fail but the last fm taggers can" hehehe SCORE.
  • hey softcore old school rocks :)
  • punk .. rock .. <3
  • а русских здесь нету?
  • Call it punk or not, but the fact is that those top 6 bands here had some serious influence on punk rock scene, that's a fact. But I guess you would prefer to stay ignorant tru punx and deny that.
  • this shit is not punk
  • All these talks how punk is this and how punk is that are really childish. Ramones got lots of pop songs in their catalogue, so what? They are not punk band?))))
  • The Clash started out as punk, but then they defined themselves as their own genre. DX
  • fucking punk as fuck tags man
  • Selling your albums at wal-mart? please........
  • malditas aberraciones la misma mierda que los emos
  • elaborate odzuba. They've done done everything themselves and are fat lazy fucks. Thats pretty punk
  • Wait...seriously...Jonas Bros?
  • NOFX is not entitled to be tagged as "punk", they do not represent what punk way of life and its take on the music industry
  • rudie can't fail but the last fm taggers can
  • Avril Lavigne is in front of Propagandhi??? Lastfm... I am saddly going to have to use my ninja skills to take you down, for you are not worthy anymore.
  • Avril Lavigne and the Jonas Brothers punk? God, I think I'm going to throw up.
  • Sweet events, Foo Fighters and The Police are punk as fuck man.
  • Hey someone put an event im my town, Leicester on there. Why did they bother?
  • Hey, Elvis Costello used to be punk as fuck.
  • Those are some pretty punk looking events thar.


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