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    gojira >> all
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    Cynic <3
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    Check out Marrow of Earth for some progressive death metal
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    total bs. [artist]The Chasm[/artist] is good though... their last album was true Progressive Death Metal, that actually sounds awesome. Check them out if you don't know them...
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    Old Opeth <3
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    Nero Di Marte > all
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    Hey brahs, I believe my band Pilljaw is right up your alley! Our first album is out now for free download on bandcamp. Please give it a listen!
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    Gojira <3
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    Verted, Croatian progressive death metal free download EP on
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    Gojira > all
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    Opeth <3<3<3
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    Fans of BoO, The Faceless, Rings of Saturn, Abiotic, The HAARP Machine, TBDM, Ovid's Withering etc. check out the new full length by [artist]Nexilva[/artist] out now on [url=]Subliminal Groove Records[/url].
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    Hey I started a new group for music fanatics, the focus is going to be different than the ExMF and the frosty paradigm. It's a bit of an experiment but if a bunch of people get in it could be cool. Join if you are interested. I want this group to become a center for music discussion on Lastfm (even though it's metal centered, other genres are more than welcome to be discussed.) Cheers!
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    Kalovorot band released new album in djent style:
  • Avatar for Thrashaszasz Tech/ Progressive Death from Poland with old school Florida sound ! Inspired by DEATH,ATHEIST,CYNIC,PESTILENCE and many more ;) Check this out ! Song from our debut EP entitled : BLINDED THOUGHTS !
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    Check our split-album with Argentinian band!
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    [artist]Tectum[/artist] - [tag]dark metal[/tag]/[tag]death-doom metal[/tag] band from [place]Ukraine[/place]. New album [album artist=Tectum]Path to Eternity[/album] is out now. Listen, scrobble;) some preview: [track artist=Tectum]Scorn, Greed, Damn[/track] [track artist=Tectum]A liar among us[/track] [track artist=Tectum]A poem about lost past[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Splitted Soul[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Autumn[/track] [track artist=Tectum]My Path to Eternity[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Outro[/track] download mp3 192k: order CD: [label]Endless Winter[/label]
  • Avatar for nnxt
    [artist]Kekal[/artist] - 1000 Thoughts of Violence (2003) is an extremely underrated album you guys need to check out. Prog black/death metal from a decade ago. - Free download at
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    @wote_band: promoting is one thing but a wall of text advertisement?
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    V Dude fuck off
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    Hello, please check out Wall Of The Eyeless's new demo, which already gets the great reviews in the metal press worldwide. (Facebook); (Bandcamp page, Free Streaming / Digital Downloads); (Official store - order our CDs and merch here); (YouTube Channel); (Official Stereokiller); (Official Vkontakte - Russian social network). Recorded and mixed in Endarker Studio (MARDUK, FUNERAL MIST, RAGNAROK, etc.) with MARDUK’s bassist Magnus “Devo” Andersson as a producer and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (KATATONIA, SWALLOW THE SUN, OPETH, LEPROUS, AMON AMARTH, BLOODBATH, etc.). Thank you!
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    Hey dudes, wondered if you fancy checking out my newest blackened progressive death metal/technical groove/djent project [fig.1]? Let me know what you think ;p
  • Avatar for UnrealAtrocity
    Check out The Conjuration: ( Progressive/Avant-Garde Death Metal with hints of surrealism, psychedelia, and horror. Free album downloads at
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx if you are interested in obscure technical music please join! I promise to at least visit once a week and post recommendations, but having more people join and/or be more active could lead to more discussions and recommendations from people within the group. Cheers!
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    Hey, I'm doing my thesis on innovation in the world of death metal and next to my thesis I want to built an online webzine/community for people who like death metal music. Therefore I started a small survey and it would be great if you can take 5 minutes of your time to fill in this survey! Cheers!
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    We are progressive death metal band from Pune, India You can check our latest single BANKAI Cheers \m/
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    [url=,+I+just+think+your+music+sucks] I'm not close-minded, I just think your music sucks[/url]
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    Join [group]Progressive Doom Metal[/group]
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    best shit ever
  • Avatar for Valenehow
    I like how all the shouts here are about promoting bands.
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    JONCOFY - kind of OPETH/ TEXTURES/ Melodic-Death-Metal-Mix playing Euroblast Festival this fall!
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    To download Free and Legal Metal music:
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    Hi! We are death/black metal band from Ukraine Aeternus Prophet . Listen our new demo and welcome!
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  • Avatar for c4ligula - webdesign for metal bands :)
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    Check out the fresh Ep charity dies
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    'Djentcore' = gokillyourself
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    Hi guys, We are a progressive experimental Metal Band from Pune Description Formed in May 2011, Soul Society is about expressing ourselves without any restrictions and merging that talent into one big force to be channeled into the audience. Our sound is influenced by bands like Gojira, Tesseract, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Kamelot, etc. Artists We Also Like Gojira, Tesseract, Textures, Animals as leaders, Dream Theater, etc You can like us on Facebook We are also there on Reverbnation Hope you Like it Thank you for your love and support cheers \m/
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    Djentcore =/= progressive death metal. [2]
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    Guys, check out video from Ukrainian tour (2012) - )))) Greetings from [artist]The Hysteria[/artist].
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    "Technical is so similar to progressive it's almost the same. " lol, you best be trollin' [5]
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    Leprous is death metal?.....
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    Listen new single of ukrainian dark metal band Tectum feat. a capella female band Budnitay [artist]Tectum[/artist] - [artist][track artist=Tectum]Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells) feat. Budnitay[/track][/artist] download links and comments in my journal:


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