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Post-shoegaze refers to styles of music that take after the shoegaze genre of the late '80s and early '90s but are distinct; even more so than what is commonly called newgaze.

This largely includes fusions with post-rock, ambient and/or electronic music, e.g. Slowdive, but can include fusions with any other style, such as post-punk (e.g. Have A Nice Life), post-hardcore (e.g. Hum, despite them predominantly being a space rock band) or metal. The latter style is sometimes known as "metalgaze"

There is also a post-shoegaze style that began to grow in the early 2000s sometimes known as "blackgaze," which incorporates elements of black metal with elements of shoegaze. The same goes with "doomgaze", which is a combination of shoegaze and doom metal or drone doom. Some blackgaze artists are French bands Alcest and Shyy, CAPA, and German bands Soliness and Heretoir. The Canadian Nadja and British Jesu are arguably examples of doomgaze bands.

This umbrella genre also includes some styles of chillwave, witch house and atmospheric noise/drone music.

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