Orthodox black metal

Orthodox Black Metal is a subgenre within black metal that recognizes Satan as a legitimate metaphysical entity, thereby affirming the existance of the Christian God while still opposing it, being viewed as a tyrannical entity. Common subjects include luciferianism, theistic satanism, chaotic gnosticism and death worship. Musically, it is highly dissonant, making use of eerie arpeggiated riffs to create an oppressive, ritualistic dark atmosphere. Edit this Artist photo: Merrimack

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  • s_mars

    Why 'black metal' is the only genre where people try to invent a sub-genre for each band?

    last week
  • versionfiv

    " Lost_Souls_UK wrote The orthodox doesn't refer to the musical style, otherwise Mayhem would be OBM." well, http://galleryplus.ebayimg.com/ws/web/281084067953_1_0_1/1000x1000.jpg (Mayhem tshirt that says orthodox black metal on it)

    February 2015
  • xVictimOfADownx

    candles and incense metal [2]

    February 2015
  • GodofDeathMetal

    What a fascinating tag. I barely like Watain and Deathspell Omega.

    January 2015
  • daltonls


    January 2015
  • Thorgeir1

    Православный чтоле?)))

    December 2014
  • piarevaracien


    November 2014
  • pryroda

    why is the description so shitty? its easy, "left-hand theist black metal as opposed to right-hand theism-rejection black metal"

    October 2014
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