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The term “old school hip-hop” or “old school rap” refers to the style of hip-hop prevalent from 1978-1986. It featured a traditional rap style with disco beats and later evolved and fused with the techno equipment developed later in the 1980s, creating the electro-hop sound. Read more…|Edit this Artist photo: Public Enemy

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  • CourtesyFlush93

    old school rap is just as dumb as a term as classic rock to discern the style of music being played.

    April 2014
  • Ariues

    maybe a more pc name for late 80s-early 90s rap would be second wave hip hop.

    October 2011
  • Ariues

    people define old school by what wouldnt sell if it came out today. a generation considers the old school to extend into the mid 90s. We FEEL that when gangsta rap became dominant, thats really when the old school ended.....again.

    September 2011
  • acid1ko5

    to jest to!

    June 2011
  • IG-Jordy

    i'm not a real knower of hiphop but i still find this the best, cuz now it's all poppy shit!

    April 2011
  • IveBeenOwned

    That's pretty dumb to tag a group called "Leaders of the New School" old school.

    October 2010
  • zioncmnd

    electro-hop did not come after old school rap. they coincided - i will be changing that description. that would be like saying that World Class Wreckin Cru, Uncle Jamm's Army, Egyptian Lover all started in 1986-1989 which is way backwards

    October 2010
  • zioncmnd

    There is a brief period of time that has no name - that is when rap changed from from 1978-1983 to which is from 1983-1986. Run DMC walks this line, Fat Boys walk this line, you know ..., but no-one seems to need or use that tag delineation and most people either too young, or don't know that rap was a sub-genre of disco early on, and had to survive that shit first before it took hold. It was during that disco hating period, that and emerged side by side with Bronx based old school rap. In some cases, they were fused together like Fatback band, which is funk, soul, disco, and rap ..., or in Ronnie Hudson and the street people which is funk and electric boogaloo all west-coasted out and shit ... stop hatin y'all ... its complex ... just share and be hip-hop y'all ...

    October 2010
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