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Not Gothic bands are bands that are often misconstrued as Gothic Rock, but actually have nothing to do with the genre. This inaccurate labeling probably arose due to the fact that, to misinformed people, Goth meant that you dressed a certain way. So now, many bands that look a certain way but have nothing to do with the actual music are labelled Gothic but are actually Not Gothic.

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  • Paradise Lost is doom, not gothic, metal CAN'T be gothic
  • Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Theatre of Tragedy? Have you guys even listened to those bands? If albums like [album artist=Type O Negative]Bloody Kisses[/album], [album artist=Paradise Lost]Draconian Times[/album], and [album artist=Theatre of Tragedy]Aegis[/album] aren't gothic metal, then I don't know what is.
  • EV definetly belongs here
  • Theatre of Tragedy is gothic metal. What you mean is that it is not "gothic rock", not that it is not "gothic". Gothic Metal is a sub-genre of metal. "Gothic" by itself is not a genre at all.
  • i agree with marylin manson, evanescence, and my chemical romance completely. But why would anyone in their right mind add Vic anselmo?
  • Whoever tagged The Birthday Massacre with this gets a cookie. Overthrow the clichés...the clichés most common XD
  • I think this tag started to fail when Dead Can Dance made it on the list. DCD was one of the pioneers of ethereal wave, which is an offshot of goth rock. That, and why is Inkubus Sukkubus and Switchblade Symphony on this list?
  • Ukrainian is no gothic, yes ((-:
  • I agree compleatly with such as evanescence, marilyn manson, paradise lost, cradle of filth, epica, etc. But why did you dared to put here Lisa gerranrd and specialy dead can dance?????!!!!! Their seed influenced strongly the ethereal wave and with their music medieval moods became popular in the goths.

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