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A tag for 1) tracks, 2) albums, and lastly, 3) artists. For people who want to escape the ever-present Radiohead.

For the feeble-minded who think it's amusing to tag Radiohead on this tag, that's just rude. Besides, all users are just a click away from the skip or the ban button.

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  • Avatar for suntzutang
    "There's also the fact that the VAST majority of bands aren't Radiohead." Let's just take a moment to reflect on this statement.
  • Avatar for Dusk2099
    radiohead = aids
  • Avatar for feelingsreal
    Ugh radiohead... if they weren't so damned popular, I would actually be able to like their music!!!!!!! UGH !!!!!!!
  • Avatar for TylerSymes
    How can you hate them if you never listened to them?
  • Avatar for karlsson_666
    How can you be sick of radiohead? One of the most eclectic bands out there.
  • Avatar for GeronkoMan
    Oh god finally, I fucking hate Radiohead and all of their songs. Never even listened to any of their songs, I just hate them.
  • Avatar for emporbooty
    >Radiohead >ever-present >
  • Avatar for vaguelyhumanoid
    This is such a stupid tag. If you don't want to hear radiohead, you could listen to the baroque tag, or the grindcore tag, or the 60s tag, or the power metal tag or whatever the fuck other tag you want. There's also the fact that the VAST majority of bands aren't Radiohead.
  • Avatar for scarebear
    There is no spoon. And there is no Radiohead.
  • Avatar for the_cap_man
    would make sense if this was "no u2 radio", Radiohead aren't ever played on the radio

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