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  • LucasKlockner

    underground nintendocore:

    July 2014
  • bulbasaurfosho

    not just another shitty cyber project, if you dig brutal nintendocore this shit is definitely worth checking out: get fucked.

    December 2012
  • prettybarf

    Artist photo: Guns N' Roses

    November 2012
  • mattimeus

    time to leave a comment expressing my opinion on this genre

    December 2011
  • master-freeze

    agreed, some total crap is among the music tagged as nintendogrind

    April 2011
  • archangelfilms

    whoever put justin beiber and lady gaga as nintendogrind should be hanged!

    April 2011
  • TomElyk

    trying to keep from falling prey to too much genre-fascism; this is my own humble opinion: look at each suffix: 'core' - hardcore. more specifically, modern hardcore, or even metalcore. and 'grind' - grindcore. both stem from hardcore punk, with influences of punk, thrash, and death metal. grindcore: EXTREME; either sporadic or simple song structure; microsong (a song mere seconds in length); superfluous use of blast beats; heavily distorted, majorly down-tuned, thrash style; seemingly constant double picking, arpeggios, and sweeps; high and low screams and growls, with guttural, often disgusting sounding, pig, crickets, etc.. hardcore: HARD and HEAVY; more concrete song structure (intro, verse, bridge, chorus, etc.); melodic riffs involving lead and rhythm harmonies; syncopated 'chugging'; lots of breakdowns; often in drop-d, or slightly down-tuned; mid to high screaming, low growls, and clean vocals. add some 8-bit noises, and there you go! hope that helps.

    January 2011
  • alexan_darkness

    some body explain me please...what's the direfence between nintondocore & nintendogrind... for me is the same

    January 2011
  • Nintendo_man

    Download experimental nintendocore/metalcore from Ukraine: My Final HeadShot - ЕР "Мир в очертаньях" ( experimental nintendocore/metalcore ):

    November 2010
  • shaladamusha


    August 2010
  • gejm

    Kuolonkyyti, u r a pozer cuz da reel genre iz nao ps3grind

    March 2010
  • andiecore


    February 2010
  • Eraldor


    November 2009
  • skullgrind


    September 2009
  • postmortemdecay


    June 2009
  • becker_90

    lololololololol Nintendogrind!!!! lololol this is perfect to me.

    June 2009
  • Apollofury

    made up sub genre so tasteless kids can feel like they are something

    May 2009
  • medusa04


    April 2009
  • Iren_Embrace


    April 2009
  • museala2


    December 2008
  • Nivade


    November 2008