“With influences like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Flaming Lips, and The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Neo-psychedelic pools from a very eclectic sub-culture with heavy psychedelic jam rock undertones.” - Gage Lovett Edit this Artist photo: Mogwai

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  • nomoretears_

    neo psychedelic is my favourite rhythm

    October 2013
  • earthtoground

    "outrageous bloody guitar freak-outs by modern day krautrockers" Download available @ Bandcamp!

    November 2012
  • Sister_Dogass

    Hey, I am a UC Berkeley student surrounding her thesis on symbolisms and the underground in neo-psychedelic music culture. I created a survey that pertains to this subject and thought that you might be interested in taking it. It's a short sample (only 10 questions) and is the first of its kind to shed academic light on the neo-psychedelic subculture. Musicians and fans alike, I would love for all voices to be heard on this survey! Thanks again for being so involved artistically in moving forward the neo-psychedelic music scene!

    October 2010
  • johnmicahrapp

    fans of people who use drugs to make psychedelic Stoner Rock music... please check out my theme songs! there's one for every day of the year. Here's one called 26 Reds and a Bottle of Wine

    February 2010
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