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  • Good taste though. Just not Scene at all.
  • v lol why it always non-Scenesters acting like their opinion on Scenecore matters? You rarely see scene kids talking shit on Metallic Hardcore so I can't understand why it would work the other way around. You're simply not true Scene.
  • "saying that Metalcore is another word for Metallic Hardcore is pushing it" - Only if you're a former scene kiddie who grew up with melodic metalcore acts like Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Shadows Fall instead of real metalcore like Converge, Earth Crisis, Integrity, Starkweather and Cave In.
  • I miss the days of sentence long song titles and neon band merch. There's still plenty of good Metalcore coming out, but the genre will be stagnant until the zany era makes a return. It's inevitable. Just a matter of when.
  • 99.9% cancer
  • fxdxhxl never said it didn't come from the same place, I was saying they is a considerable difference (It's hair splitting but there is a difference).
  • I dont have a problem with Metallic Hardcore being lumped in with Metalcore but saying that Metalcore is another word for Metallic Hardcore is pushing it
  • Totally agreed with ignitreaxiom and totally disagreeed with JamuraiSack about the metallic hardcore. It's different, but it came from the same place, while some tried to experimenting with the equal blend of metal and hardcore and some stayed because they did -they do, belong under the metallic hardcore genre. Isn't that what the description tried to say? Keep yourself calm, dude.
  • The metalcore label is a catch-all for any band that is not progressive, or death. Sure there are still genuine metalcore bands, but it's such a misused tag because people fail to accept that metal as it was once known, has evolved in the past 20 years. Just because it's heavy, rhythmic and doesn't sound like the classics, doesn't mean it's metalcore. /rant
  • really needs to start fixing their genres. metalcore and metallic hardcore are not the same thing, as i lay dying=metalcore, the ghost inside=metallic hardcore, and if you think those two bands sound the same then just don't involve yourself in the discussion (or listen to more music). futhermore all the top bands for metalcore are the same as the ones for melodic metalcore, and those two genres aren't the same either. and post-hardcore is completely out to lunch, 80% of those bands are either melodic metalcore or emo.
  • They are two different things. Metallic HC being hardcore punk with some metal thrown in but it's sparing and used in small increments (Blacklisted, Backtrack, Judge). While metalcore is a even blend of metal and hardcore (Earth Crisis, Disembodied, Starkweather).
  • "Metalcore and metallic hardcore are two different things." - No, they are not. Unless you think melodic metalcore and metalcore are the same thing.
  • if you haven't yet, I recommend trying out Bring Me the Horizon's new music, I dig it!
  • Melodic hardcore Lima-Perú
  • Do you know Azote band? Here´s our first EP called Graves Excesos , feel free to download it from: (Licensed under CC-BY_NC_SA so you don't have to worry about copyright infringements) If you like it, we hope you go and like us in Facebook: Thanks a lot!
  • It's so sad how many shit bands there are in this genre. There certainly are exceptions but the genre is sadly mostly populated by horribly edgy bands.
  • Metalcore and metallic hardcore are two different things. This description is inaccurate.
  • v That might be true, but on the other hand I imagine your average Joe who heard Avenged or BFMV on the radio might not even know the term Metalcore. I think a good amount of those tags are from 5-7 years ago.
  • This site still has plenty of active taggers, most of them just have no idea what they're actually listening to.
  • "I wish enough people still used to adjust these Top Artists a bit. A few of them don't even play Metalcore anymore." Word
  • v agreed. The tempos are generally a little odd for that.
  • i dont think that August Burns Red would make good for background during fap sessions
  • Masturbationcore
  • I wish enough people still used to adjust these Top Artists a bit. A few of them don't even play Metalcore anymore.
  • Chimaira needs to be a top artist in the top 8.
  • Gosh Misery Signals are probably one of the greatest bands ever.
  • misery signals perfect bullshit
  • Misery Signals are always great, theyre one of those bands that seems to never fail
  • Misery Signals are the best metalcore band ever!
  • Still a good genre. A lot of the most popular bands are a tad overrated, but there are a fuck-ton of ridiculously talented bands. Misery Signals anyone? God Forbid? Bury Your (fucking) Dead?
  • Plus I don't get why people who don't listen to any whiny music act like their opinion on it is educated enough to mean anything. I mean, you wouldn't ask a Corehead about their opinion on Metal, so why would it work the other way? Do you not understand the real world, kid? Maybe one day you'll learn. You're young enough to still figure it out.
  • "That what you mean is probably more rocking music for little girls who have her period for the first time = Post-hardcore." And yet again you point out the good things about the genre as if they're negatives. I'll never understand the mindset of whiny people trying to come off as macho men. lol.
  • Also SXR85G, I respect that type of Metalcore, but it's not the real deal. The clean vocals and mallcore lyrics are why I love Metalcore. No other Metal subgenre does those two things the same way as Metalcore. Take that away and it's just plain old metal. If I wanted Metal, I'd listen to Metal.
  • "metal core sucks huge cock as all it's listeners" That still doesn't tell me if you like it or not. What an irrelevant comment. What does cock sucking have to do with playing music? Dumb kid. Cocks aren't even instruments. It's either a slang for penis or a chicken, depending on your chosen definition in this instance.
  • I was on youtube and found a awesome band, I had to share because their work is so sick, listen there, what do you think of it
  • metal core sucks huge cock as all it's listeners
  • combining the worst of two genres
  • @metaloly that doesnt mean that the two cant be combined
  • @mimaammo im aware of that
  • mettalcore is a WAY OF LIFE. MORE THAN A GENRE. \\m/ rock on, you post-emo hxc kids who dress like hipsters now. ROCK. THE FUCK. ON.
  • metal is not hardcore
  • @MoogInRow: yeah, it is called evolution of music... and, well, despite this fact, a lot of people still preffer 70's classic hardrock than new bands which are based on those "old" bands.
  • Metalcore was at its best during its sort of midphase, with bands like Poison the Well, ZAO, Norma Jean, Spitfire, Underoath, Misery Signals and From Autumn to Ashes. dont get me wrong i loves me some Converge, Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Coalesce etc. but i feel that around the late 90s and early 2000s Metalcore bands didnt really know what to do with Metalcore so they just did whatever the hell they wanted with it and out came some really innovative and unique bands. nowadays most Metalcore really seems to just be At the Gates with breakdowns and overly poppy vocals or just boring breakdown infested Pop Punk with screaming. the only Metallic Hardcore bands that i really love are the more Mathcore related bands, really like the weird odd technical riffs of those bands.
  • I think most popular bands give out some sort of influence for upcoming bands.
  • Fit For A King and Gideon are ok, I just don't see where this mid-paced jump up and down, groove based breakdown bands will go. I can see Gideon's sound sticking around, because it has a large old-school background and I don't see that ever going out of style. I mean, I love breakdowns but there still needs to be good song-writing and not just the shoehorned inserted clean melodies/choruses for accessible appeal, for the sake of it. I mean, why aren't these post-hardcore influenced bands still using the varied approach of something like Poison The Well?
  • But hey, when I was 15 people in their 20s didn't really think bands like Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall would ever be seen as seminal, yet it's happened. So maybe I'm wrong about that. If those new bands are impacting the new era of kids the same way, I'm all for it.


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