Melodic death metal

Melodic death metal (also referred to as melodeath) is a subgenre of metal which combines the melodicness with the intensity of death metal. The genre is also known as Gothenburg metal, a reference to the city in Sweden where it originated. Originally the genre combined the harmony style and groove melodies of heavy metal with the harsh thrashing sound and vocals of death metal. Early melodic metal bands seem to have taken lots of influence from American bands Read more…|Edit this Artist photo: Omnium Gatherum

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melodic death metal gigs in United Statesview all

Sunday 31 August 2014
PassengerConcert House of Blues
Dallas TX, United States
32.785398 -96.808605
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Wednesday 3 September 2014
Arsis, ExmortusConcert
Santos Party House
New York, United States
40.717609 -74.001312

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Thursday 4 September 2014
Allegaeon, ExmortusConcert
Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA, Boston, United States
42.3529 -71.132613

5 going

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Saturday 6 September 2014
PassengerConcert Crystal Ballroom
Portland OR, United States
45.522898 -122.684858

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Saturday 13 September 2014
PassengerConcert The Wiltern
Los Angeles CA, United States
34.061467 -118.30888
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Tuesday 16 September 2014
The Black Dahlia MurderConcert The Pyramid Scheme
Grand Rapids MI, United States
42.961269 -85.668812

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  • Raptorg

    I wonder when Zero Degree will finally release their second album. So people can just ignore them completely and continue to wonder where all the good melodeath went.

    Saturday afternoon
  • spineshank155

    DtD might be ok if it wasn't for those clean vocals, the spacey synths i thought were fairly interesting but again clean vocals ruined that for me, no melodeath band should sound like the Backstreet Boys. No wonder people consider melodeath gay. At least bands like Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and Scar Symmetry are still doing melodeath somewhat right, it's not the same as the early stuff but MUCH better than what bands like DtD are doing.

    Saturday morning
  • Raptorg

    I don't really get this hostility toward "more-of-the-same" and "generic", as long as your music isn't bad, it's fine. I mean, DtD's music is fucking garbage, sure. But "more-of-the-same" isn't really an argument. "Talentless slop" is, though.

    last week
  • dark_wisdom Holy shit man, why are people still making this crap? This is the epitome of uninteresting, shitty and more-of-the-same melodeathcore: the same fucking riffs stolen from *insert generic melodeathcore band here*, this time with gay skate punk-like vocals and some OMG-So-Spacey synths. Really fucking tired of this shit. @LADY-IN-DARK do you really want to listen to some real melodic DEATH metal? try some Quo vadis, Garden of shadows, early At the gates or anything similar.

    last week
  • qwertyuiasdfg

    Худшее, что случалось с музыкой

    16 days ago
  • Syndicaidramon

    V,,, <--- Listen through the entire track.

    21 days ago

    Melodeath has always been one of my favorite genres, but i'm getting tired of bland sounds of certain bands, they all sound the same without any interesting elements.. any new bands I should listen to?

    22 days ago
  • ChapelOfBlood

    TBDM must be in top 8, they easily beat at least a half of bands there

    June 2014
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