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Ghetto House had traditionally been at around 140bpm, but tempos were rising in the late nineties as producers sought new sounds; one of these producers was RP Boo. In 1997 he released a track, Baby Come On, which is generally considered to be the starting point of the subgenre of juke house. Juke is faster than ghetto house, playing at 160bpm, and makes striking use of unconventional drum patterns which differ wildly from other house styles. It is further removed from its predecessors by the absence of sampled drums and percussion, relying entirely on drum machines for rhythms.

Since its development the juke sound has been popular in Chicago, but remained mostly just a local scene. However, by the very late 2000s and early 2010s it began to receive international attention, and became increasingly popular and influential in Britain, with some British producers producing juke tracks or combining juke with Dubstep and UK Funky. Notable Chicago juke DJs/producers include DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad, and DJ Clent. Addison Groove is an example of a UK juke producer.

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