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  • jesus people, this is a horrible tag. please make it stop.
  • To me it seems like IDM is actually two genres sharing a common name. On one side you have artists like Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, Squarepusher, Autechre and related artists that generally play fast drummy music that melts your brain, then you have the ambient, progressive, quieter side of IDM which are artists like múm, Boards of Canada, ISAN, Ulrich Schnauss and stuff. They're so different, I don't understand why they're both called IDM.
  • рулеззззз
  • As we're part of groups or communities, we can't escape to be defined or classified. The name suggest to include none of the artists or maybe it does within a tag.
  • Most of my favorite artists are supoused to be IDM but the meaning of "IDM" is kinda lame. Maybe we should find another name for this genre.
  • One should not confuse the signifier (IDM) with the signified (the music itself). In the case of music a signifier for a genre can never cover the signified, the music itself, because of the nature of music... duh! Intelligent is only elitist if you place intelligence above other things. In which case the elitism is in the 'eye of the beholder'. You can do this when looking down from IDM or spitting up to IDM. Or is there a good reason to change the genre name? Would anything change?
  • all this tagging is making me itch...
  • the "intelligent" in idm might be somewhat elitist and discriminating regarding other styles, and i'm usually dancing with my body, not my brain. but which wording is not confusing ? we'd better don't take anything too verbally, this holds for nearly every concept i know of, and it's not different in the musical realm. the value of music is in the listening and the experience we have with it, and it's hard to listen without prejudice and preconceptions because we ask for the names, the artists, the genre, the style, the wordings, the outfits, the in-groups and out-groups, and make jokes or hate different tastes. don't hate music other people love, it's completely useless and only will yield into arguments or worse. in fact, there is no wrong or right, only perceptions. just love the music you love -- it's enough to be busy and happy a lifetime ...
  • i think people a) get hung up on the poor choice of acronyms, and b) confuse idm with glitch
  • i love idm and i might even love some of the stuff you flaming dudes love too, gotta be something to this music when it gets hated so passionately, lol!
  • music for caffeine zombies (caffeine? coffin?)
  • [label]gozombie[/label]
  • Even tho Aphex Twin is one of my fav artists, I've come to learn within the last few years that call it IDM or Braindance or whatever, 99% of the genre is total rubbish and artists sound too much like each other.
  • Boards of Canada rip this genre apart and make truly amazing music, screw the other artists.
  • second one
  • First shout ever on the IDM tag site. How historic!


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