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  • Avatar for dastrevas
    bucketheard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for florianblaschke
    Madrangue, it's ALSO about the technique.
  • Avatar for Madrangue
    Music is not about the technique. Acid Mothers Temple FTW
  • Avatar for florianblaschke
    Rektologen: ""Because he's not as good as the others." ? He is way better than Buckethead and Malmsteen. Good guitar playing is not equal to speed and techniques it's about composing skills" Either/or thinking. Why can't it be about both? A good composer who is also a great technical player is arguably better than an equally good composer who is not a technical player. That said, at least speed and techniques can be evaluated objectively, while evaluation of composing skill is much more subjective.
  • Avatar for kamelOG
    Tosin Abasi of Animal as Leaders! he belongs on this station!
  • Avatar for H0USE-MD
    I demand Clapton here. And Frusciante would fit here.
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
    This genre is overrun.
  • Avatar for Hevi-Jorma
    Yngwie Malmsteen!!!! [2]
  • Avatar for Madrangue
    Where is Barney?
  • Avatar for theminutemusic
    Yngwie Malmsteen!!!!
  • Avatar for DavidBN
    Buckethead!!!!!! [2]
  • Avatar for Modestmousefan1
  • Avatar for METALMASTIL
  • Avatar for alemii
    v guy from b'z? hes not bad but most creative? maybe i havent heard enough material.
  • Avatar for Metality
    Added Lil' Wayne, the most creative guitarist of our time. A true visionary.
  • Avatar for cicerometallica
    Friedman, Jason Becker,Buckthead and Malsmteen are my favorites
  • Avatar for METALMASTIL
    "El virtuosismo es aquel lugar místico en el cual se unen la técnica y la imaginación, y, desafortunadamente, este estado solamente puede ser alcanzado por muy pocos músicos."
  • Avatar for Metality
    The description sure sounds like a personal view of the term.
  • Avatar for rok2slayr
    Marty Friedman and Yngwie should be the top.
  • Avatar for Rektologen
    "Because he's not as good as the others." ? He is way better than Buckethead and Malmsteen. Good guitar playing is not equal to speed and techniques it's about composing skills
  • Avatar for filipevidal
    why John Frusciante isn't here?
  • Avatar for Morbus_Reagan
    [artist]Jimi Hendrix[/artist] and [artist]Stevie Ray Vaughan[/artist] should be in top.
  • Avatar for comizzoforever
    Tommy Johansson...!!!
  • Avatar for ShilohRaves
    Why isn't British virtuoso Dave Sharman here?
  • Avatar for permadi_
  • Avatar for Kaazt2010
    lol You realy don't know what you're talking about. It's quite easy to hear how limited he. Just listen how sloppy his alternative picking sounds in TSOP. sorry Chuck is decent but far away from a virtuose. You're a fool for not hearing it.
  • Avatar for DizzyDeLarge
    "Schuldiner is a good guitarist but not a virtuose" = Nonsense. You´re deaf fool, bro.
  • Avatar for Kaazt2010
    Schuldiner is a good guitarist but not a virtuose.
  • Avatar for DizzyDeLarge
    No Schuldiner? Farewell!
  • Avatar for Rockation
    Malmsteen & Angelo are the best
  • Avatar for ehroo
    they all have long hair...
  • Avatar for antix91
  • Avatar for Mehul_Wavade
  • Avatar for lollipopkids727
    Hey everyone. You need to look up a dude Izzy Batio. Not a bad musician. Kinda put me in the mind of a young Satch or Steve Vai.
  • Avatar for KingsAndQueen
    Andy ftw <3
  • Avatar for Swonchbob
    the douchiest tag on (3)
  • Avatar for kisielny
    [track artist=kisielny]kreyzy bluzz[/track]
  • Avatar for Cupid90
    ебошь Джо, ебошь) Хорошо шпилит цук)
  • Avatar for sweetolerock
    DAVID GILMOUR:3 that's one guitar player that changes notes into feeling<3
  • Avatar for dhrubodx follow this link to listen farhan bangladeshi guiter virtuoso playing
  • Avatar for benlufc45581
    Elias Vilijanen = awesum
  • Avatar for bainbach
    Дайте переписать ТОЛЬКО В ЭТОМ СТИЛЕ
  • Avatar for bainbach
    Нет так Как работает Hellecasters на гитаре это Уважение
  • Avatar for lcsjf
    buckethead <3
  • Avatar for Andy_Pat
    Buckethead is SO great!!! He just wears the bucket because he's shy... or autistic maybe. But leave him alone! (Britney)... MY favorite virtuosos are Yngwie, Michael Angelo Batio, Bukethead, and EVH... Eddie was the first true shredder.
  • Avatar for Scionofglory
    The top four are the bomb.
  • Avatar for Tarakum
    Joe Satriani is the best from this player...
  • Avatar for Rektologen
    Just because some songs are slow doesn't mean that there are feeling in them. Just the fact that he needs to put garbage on his head to get fans proves his lack of talent
  • Avatar for iAmLilu4Life
    Lmfao @ Rektologen, He's like most underated guitarist ever+ way better than all these fags who only can do mindless shredding
  • Avatar for ShortSonata
    Dude, it's called a bass GUITAR for a reason. Of course there are differences but a bass is simply a type of guitar...


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