Guilty pleasure

A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes. Fashion, video games, music, movies, and junk food can be examples of guilty pleasures. Edit this Artist photo: Jessica Simpson

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  • Lilmedonster

    "I don't believe in guilty pleasures, I believe you should be able to like what you like. If you like a fucking Kesha song, listen to fucking Kesha." [10]

    last week
  • purifire

    "NSYNC" lmfao same

    13 days ago
  • vityapro


    last month
  • Zanderich

    limp bizkut

    last month
  • skkukk

    Please just don't listen to artists you think guilty pleasures. There are much more listeners who may not think of them the way you do.

    June 2014
  • TheMightyWaffle

    I'm guilty of pleasuring Miley Cyrus if u kno wut i mean B-)

    June 2014
  • iTylor

    Dumb tag

    June 2014
  • ConnardNinja

    Not sure if should listen to Miley Cyrus or Ulver [2]

    June 2014
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