Gothic death metal

Gothic death metal may refer to: 1: Bands that perform gothic metal with a heavy foundation in death metal; bands that perform death metal and make extensive use of gothic metal elements. 2: Bands that perform a combination of goth metal and death metal. Edit this Artist photo: Crematory

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  • VeikosCpC

    gothic vs death metal .... eternal fight let the tears for the weaks

    April 2009
  • ftarantula

    Nightwish and Deadlock are no way Gothic Death Metal. One ist not 'Death', the other not 'Gothic' This Tag seems to be misused a lot !!!

    January 2009
  • Ezeldav

    Nightwish is totally death metal, cant hear the deep growls of Tarja? oh thats br00tal!

    December 2008
  • MinaseTaki

    Nightwish? lmfao

    November 2008
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