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Gothic rock (sometimes called goth rock) is a genre of rock music that originated during the late 1970s. Originally bands from the genre had strong ties to the English punk rock and emerging styles. The genre itself was defined as a separate movement from punk rock during the early 19. Gothic rock artists deal with dark themes and intellectual movements such as gothic horror, Romanticism, existential philosophy, and nihilism. Notable gothic rock bands include Bauhaus, Joy Division, Siouxsie… read more

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  • Avatar for jildeore
    darkest shoegaze
  • Avatar for Silanis
    The lack of colour here is so goffick
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    Free to download EP:
  • Avatar for MILDREND
    hola hay alguien vivo aqui??
  • Avatar for trad-goth
    Feel free to join, like post around and do your bit for the scene
  • Avatar for aHeadOnTheDoor
    Please see my list for top 30 goth rock songs -
  • Avatar for MoonlitAutumn
    "no matter how much your influenced by a genre if you don't play that sound your not a part of that scene" When it comes to Goth that rule really get's pushed aside. A prime example would be Sopor Aeternus. Many people in the goth scene wouldn't flinch if you labeled them a goth band. Despite the fact that they sound nothing like Bauhaus. Nor do they share similar influences. Yet, Sopor are still considered Goth. This happens a lot within the Goth scene. The whole argument of a band having to "sound like a goth band" only get's thrown out there when the scene wants to distance itself from something they deem too mainstream or is associated with a group they see as "undesirable" (i.e. metalheads, fans of Marilyn Manson). My argument isn't to say goth and metal are the same. I'm saying that there's definite over lap between the two in terms of fanbase, influences, and in aesthetic. Which a lot of Goths aren't willing to admit because of the previous reasons listed.
  • Avatar for lhwd
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  • Avatar for chouchter
    Yes, that makes sense.
  • Avatar for Silanis
    "Many bands don't write music to be part of a certain genre or "scene" - they just sort of end up there because they play in similar styles and take influence from similar bands."- and isn't that what defines a musical genre? Someone started to play music in a certain way and influenced other artists to play in a similiar one. In the long run this creates a "scene" of bands with a similiar style and fans who like them, because of how they sound. It is true that some metal bands had strong goth influences- but they are still metal not only for the fact of having different musical origins, but their sound isn'tmostly liked or shared among the gothic community. Even the gothic metal bands like TOF and Paradise Lost, who have the strongest goth influences, aren't related to the goth genre because of their fans coming mostly from the metal scene. And these bands also have their identification with the metal scene and probably influenced other metal (and not goth) bands as well.

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