Glam is a movement & music genre that mostly, as a sound was defined as a glam pop, glam punk, glam rock and glam/hair/pop metal. Largely followed by fashion and catchy world-wide popular melodic sounds, glam (in all 4 genre forms) was the most successful movement & music genre during 70s & 80s. Edit this Artist photo: Jobriath

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Saturday 20 December 2014
Roc For Bloc
Bad Habit, Hollywood, PrizonerConcert
Madison Theater
Covington, Cincinnati KY, United States
39.082689 -84.50955
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Saturday 18 April 2015
One-Eyed DollConcert Aftershock
Merriam KS, United States
38.921508 -94.553131
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  • YasamanSixX

    glam is not all about glam rock. a few people realize what really glam means

    December 2013
  • ElectroPeter

    Jeffree Star is not glam (glam rock), he's just electropop, electroclash

    August 2013
  • neonowyflaming

    glam, NOT glam rock :D jeffree <3

    May 2013
  • Mechayoshi

    most of this is not glam

    January 2013
  • MMVanity

    Jeffree <333

    December 2012
  • FreddyHalford

    KISS!!! <3 GLAM 4 LIFE!

    December 2012
  • otaviozera


    September 2012
  • daviid4evadrunk

    Adam <3

    May 2012
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