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Future Garage is a newer style of UK Garage which originally developed as a result of some dubstep producers reacting against the prevalent trends in that genre. These producers made music which was far closer to the 2-Step and UK Garage of the late 90s and early 00s than that of their contemporaries, deliberately eschewing the heavy wobble bass commonplace in dubstep. Read more…|Edit this Artist photo: Sorrow

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future garage gigs in United Statesview all

Liberty Hall
Lawrence KS, United States
38.971447 -95.235889

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Wednesday 22 October 2014
The Acid
Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever
Los Angeles, United States
34.088778 -118.319017
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Thursday 23 October 2014
Riviera Theater
Chicago IL, United States
41.968737 -87.660113

8 going

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Friday 24 October 2014
House of Blues
Cleveland OH, United States
41.499724 -81.690843

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Saturday 25 October 2014
Lincoln Theatre
Washington DC, United States
38.9174 -77.028992

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Sunday 26 October 2014
DJ SheppaConcert
The Riot Room
Kansas City MO, United States
39.053882 -94.590911

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  • Cydonia-Knight

    oh my.. all these artists

    last month
  • FreezyJnr

    i just recetly learnt about these people and they are all gods..

    August 2014
  • katameow

    http://vk.com/future_garage — track-blog of future garage music!

    January 2014
  • Considerables

    This is where al the good DJ's hide

    December 2013
  • shiggedyshwa

    @jonnylion i agree, but i feel like it'll keep being used. I do wish there were a better term for it. And at least it's better than people just using the term "Future" -- it sounds almost arrogant in a way. But future garage distinguishes newer, electronic garage as opposed to garage rock. (If you use Grooveshark you'll be very irritated with both tags "Garage" and "UK Garage" for this reason. It's all mixed)

    August 2013
  • jonnylion

    I love this music but future garage as a term is as likely to catch on as piss flavoured tea bags (don't quote me on that)

    August 2013
  • shiggedyshwa

    @Airex111167 no

    August 2013
  • treselleembrace

    Слушая данный жанр, погружаюсь в неописуемые мечты и чувства.

    July 2013
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