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Death ‘n’ roll is a term used to describe the sound of death metal bands which incorporate rock and roll inspiration elements to its overall sound. The term is a portmanteau of death metal and rock ‘n’ roll. Read more…|Edit this Artist photo: Behemoth

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  • nuslear_storm


    April 2014
  • TheMightyWaffle

    Eoskwros you must be one big asshole then :)

    April 2013
  • Sinusoidal_Pain

    Swansong isn't Death 'n' Roll at all

    April 2013
  • Xqon

    Cancer 'n' aids

    December 2012
  • jsnruf

    mostly shit

    October 2012
  • Wogehl


    May 2012
  • NovocaineJunkie

    Gorefest and Entombed! \o/

    October 2011
  • DemonSanctuary

    "there is only one true death and roll band and thats Entombed" as I suspected, looked at page.. no Gorefest.

    September 2011
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