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D-beat is a sub-genre of hardcore punk, named after its progenitor Discharge and their characteristic beat. Discharge pioneered a then unheard harsh and apocalyptic form of , inspiring generations of like-minded s and other leftist idealists to start a band. Among the genre's flag-bearers are Discharge's Swedish counter-parts Anti-Cimex and more contemporary acts such as Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Wolfbrigade, and Skitsystem.

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  • Avatar for HoxtonTom
    My favorite crust is stuffed crust
  • Avatar for Pheneks
    @L57NT, that was an interesting insight. Thanks for that post.
  • Avatar for jon1987 Wolfbastard check them out new D Beat Crust from Manchester UK
  • Avatar for haadeus
    AloPunk, I'd say L57NT pretty much nailed it, but I'd also add that d-beat is a less specific term than crust. simply put, all crust incorporates d-beat, but not all d-beat is crust.
  • Avatar for Bleed_On_Me
    L57NT, hey dude, what, you're so fuckin' well-read? Or just trying to be a smart ass? You know what? I don't give a F.U.C.K.
  • Avatar for L57NT
    Although it should be mentioned that there is still a number of bands nowadays that support and revive the original British crust sounds from 80s
  • Avatar for L57NT
    Initially crust meant the British punk scene that combined sound of early 80s anarcho-punk and UK hardcore bands with heavy metal (Motorhead, Venom, Slayer, etc). Nevertheless even early british crust bands sound very different from each other -- from crushing metallic slowness of Axegrinder to almost pure Discharge/scandicore-worship of ENT and Doom. So 'crust' was more about scene than genre. During the 90s many crust bands incorporated d-beat increasingly until the scene was completely merged with the whole scandicore/d-beat stuff.
  • Avatar for AloPunk
    what is the difference between crust and d-beat?
  • Avatar for Lys0L
    boring Discharge worship [2]
  • Avatar for SpaghettiMummy
    The only punk genre dedicated to cover bands!

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