Eco conscious, free thinking, free spirited, politcally aware/ active, vegetarian/ vegan, new age traveller, painted buses, huge sound systems. Related to the Crust/Anarcho-Punk culture that emerged in the 80s, though being “Punk” in the hardcore sense wasn’t a prerequisite, but was retained in the purest DIY ethos. In some ways a combination of punk and “hippy” thinking, and a counterpart to the original Rave culture. Read more…|Edit this Artist photo: Ramones

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  • LethalityDrawde

    gross shit

    March 2014
  • leafmargin

    Go crustcore. Do it for yourself. Everyone should try crust once in their life. Exposes the prejudice of society. 'Course lately I got called a pretty boy for wearing clean clothes. Guess things change.

    October 2010
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