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As with most other styles of music, reggae has seen an influx of Christian performers. Christian reggae thus refers both to reggae performers who happen to be Christian and those performers who perform reggae with an explicitly Christian lyrical focus.

Reggae, having traditionally embraced the black-consciousness tradition of Rastafarianism, has had a historical antipathy to traditional Christianity, which is seen as a tool of white domination. Thus, Christian reggae performers such as Christafari have often been threatened by more militant… read more

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  • Christian music is food to my soul.
  • Thanks for this great post really ausaam post It helps me alot to improve more my funmela.net website where you can watch english movies and also you can listen music. Thanks allot for this post.
  • Christian music always provides entertainment to every body. As christian reggae music,christian reggae, christian hip-hop, so from my view "christian reggae" is a great way for music. Moreover, i listen some christian music from Benjah album. Really , its have a great fun to entertain anybody by christian music. Above all these artist deserve "Awesome" word. So, Thanking you for these great post.
  • ABIJAH: Jah is Father ADONIJAH: My Lord is Jah AHIJAH: Brother of Jah BEREKIAH: Jah blesses DELAIAH: Freed by Jah ELIJAH: Jah is God HOSHAIAH: Jah has saved IBNIJAH: Jah Builds IRIJAH: Jah sees ISAIAH: Jah is Savior IZRAHIAH: Jah arises (or shines) IZZIAH: Jah unites JAHDIEL: Jah gives joy JEREMIAH: Jah founds or exalts MALKIJAH: My King is Jah NEHEMIAH: Jah has comforted OBADIAH: Servant of Jah PEDAIAH: Jah Redeems ZERAHIAH: Jah has risen http://www.gospelreggae.com/faq/78da4b050000660066/display.html
  • The popularity of reggae associated with the Rastafari movement has spread the name "Jah" (derived from the KJV Psalms 68:1)....The name is used in some English Bible translations which reconstruct the Tetragrammaton; other versions sometimes use the academic Hebrew reconstruction "Yah". Some languages use the letter "I" instead of "Y" or "J": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JAH
  • its not jah if its christian. and reggae is not all rasta either. but christian reggae is just shit like all other christian music.
  • this fits me just fine....big up jah seen!

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