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Punk music incorporating Christian themes or with a Christian message stemming from the artists’ Christian beliefs Edit this Artist photo: MxPx

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  • findpeace

    I love Christian punk bands for their music and often the positive sound. I dislike Christianity. Cognitive dissonance much! :D

    February 2015
  • Guhters

    fuck this tag

    December 2012
  • theSANTOS

    punk music for Michelle Bachmann.

    April 2012
  • IronMaiden38

    There's Christian Metal too!!!

    February 2012
  • OpiumMonster

    made my day xD

    December 2011
  • BulmaPunkRocker


    November 2011
  • punk4evaAbby

    I love Christian punk I don't know what I would do without it I actually wanna be a drummer in a christian punk band and christian punk is real it can work

    November 2011
  • Dago-Red

    Its the word guys-im a recovering punker - the whole idea and what punk stood for has lost its way. What's left of the movement has splintered into what punk was against in the first place. Christain punk gives us the beat - the music that we like with a positive word. A better message - someone does love you - Jesus Christ. He is the change - the punk movement was about change - Jesus Christ is about positive change. Make a change in your life - get the negative word out of it !!!!

    November 2011
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