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when the 1950s kids were born, there was Big Band music popular. It was elevator music by the time those kids started listening to folk music. When they were in their early teens rock and roll music came around from rythmn and blues music. Then artists learned that basically to play a song with a group the easiest chord progression was a three chord progression. Any mood, tempo, key, it was always based around the three chord progression - the root note, key, or chord, then 5 frets up and back, then 7 frets up back to the 5th fret and then resolution back to the root and they started calling it blues.

In the 1960s / 1970s some of the kids - now in the hippy generation - got Saved, or Born Again, or received Jesus Christ into their lives as personal Lord and Savior. No matter what they called it, they were changed. But, there was stuck in some of them the “3 chord progression” -blues, or rock ‘n roll, or whatever.
When an artist came out of the world to be a Christian they - some of them - knew that thing, again - the 3 chord progression the blues, etc . But with the message of Jesus Christ - the possitive, life changing message the (if you will) Rebels i.e. ‘JC and the Boys had.
Presto, Christian Blues.

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