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  • mikeedols

    what closed minded people, can't you people just leave tags alone? the use of tags depend of the user, it's stupid to assume those things like you do, you DON'T know what the user thinks when they use those tags, i can't believe i find an abundance of you idiots on these site, for all you know, i can bookmark those pages, but i use bookmarks for sites i frequently visit, adding a vast amount of artists i would want to check out would make my organized bookmarks as unorganized, simply because a user can have too many bands to check out, now please SHUT UP, because, again, you don't know the purpose, the reasons, and the circumstances when a user uses a tag

    February 2012
  • znienacka

    ... Why not just bookmark the artist page instead? Retards. [2]

    September 2011
  • SAC666

    i would call this useless, but the ghost of 3.13 is here, so i cant :P

    June 2011
  • fi0let


    December 2010

    Mmmh, going to check out what scary it is...

    May 2010
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