Arniecore is a branch of Thrash/Metalcore specifically tagged for the Arnold Scharzenegger one-liner tribute band Austrian Death Machine Edit this Artist photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • Amon_Re

    Okay, who is the cunt who tagged borkedcyde as arniecore?

    December 2011
  • Schander

    Some suggestions for an ''arniecore'' tag: Brad Fiedel, Terminator, Total Recall, Predator ^^

    October 2011
  • PoisoningVeins

    At The Gates arniecore? I approve this.

    September 2011
  • ISyed

    Duuude; Manowar should be up here.

    January 2011
  • MeWantsCookies

    best tag on last fm xD

    December 2010
  • BlindSnipersInc

    Wow! This is an epic tag buhahaha. NYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA

    December 2010
  • ki-b

    Brokencyde? D:

    November 2010
  • X93guti

    wtf does lady gaga under arniecore! it makes that tagg shity !

    September 2010
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