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Acts from the United States of America or less commonly, the American continent (the Americas) as a whole.

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  • This tag is a little bit too broad.
  • 'murica
  • obama eat a dick
  • most useless tag i've ever seen
  • [url=http://www.last.fm/group/Kill+it+before+it+lays+eggs/]Kill it before it lays eggs...[/url]
  • Xyuta Bawa amepuka u Bbl Bmecte c neu
  • I love American modern composers. Most of all Samuel Barber. Very rich and unique music. God Bless America ;)
  • Yeah, except America isn't a continent, North America and South America are, as a whole they're usually referred to as the Americas, with an S. Not to mention, the term "American" is the only accepted demonym for people from the United States of America. To ignore that fact just because you have some prejudice against Americans as a whole although you've probably never met one of us is just ridiculous and you should feel ashamed.
  • Still waiting for the day which people will understand that America is a continent, not a country.
  • @Mutha_Cracka. the continent is called america that shithole is called the United states of dumbfuckistan

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