Wellmont Theatre

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Montclair, NJ, New York, USA

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5 Seymour St.
Montclair, NJ, New York 07042
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lördag 24 oktober 2015
Young the Giant
Wellmont Theatre
Montclair, NJ, New York, USA
40.812646 -74.2167

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  • joeyhala5150

    Anyone selling tickets to the MGMT show?! please let me know will pay handsomly

    juni 2013
  • emilyg321

    @Echos_Myron will you be catching this show then? I'm excited to see Oberhofer, I met Brad Oberhofer last year at CMJ and he's a really cool guy but I have YET to see Oberhofer as a collective perform live!

    november 2012
  • Echos_Myron

    omg I go to school in Montclair!

    september 2012
  • unkldrtnp

    fairly sad booking.

    maj 2012
  • -Ozer_on_ice-

    I've only been there a couple times within the first few months it opened a year ago, but from what I've seen it's a gorgeous place. It's used to be a movie theater from the 1920s, so the walls and ceiling are covered with art deco, pseudo-classical bass-relief images. The people are really nice, too. The ones working there are shockingly friendly and obliging compared to your usual theater people. The rowdiest kids you get are the rich teenagers from the upscale Catholic schools down the road - in other words, not very rowdy. Check it out if you're in the area. New Jersey isn't all industrial wastelands and crumbling seaside towns.

    januari 2010
  • rockinfection

    other than the cieling crumbling and plaster falling down during Wolf Parade, it's a good venue.

    november 2008
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