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  • xxweirdwonderxx

    It's so hard to "bob" your head to the music because their sound sucks. ;___;

    oktober 2011
  • Tabucky

    Club Europa blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    december 2010
  • TreeofLifeDecay

    id go as far as saying you dont go out much dim2192 you dont go out much at all you hoser

    augusti 2010
  • endstilleblackk


    juli 2010
  • Tabucky

    WORST VENUE IN THE CITY! Everyone should boycott this utter piece of shit club.

    april 2010
  • dim2192

    Man, I had no problems at Europa. I don't know, everything seemed perfect. I'd go as far as calling it the best venue I've been to in a long time.

    februari 2010
  • TreeofLifeDecay

    FUCK EUROPA stop booking good bands u fucks no one wants to goto shows while your regulars lurk in the background with their hands down their pants

    oktober 2009
  • TreeofLifeDecay

    why does this place suck so much? is it because of the alcoholics who come every night to watch people listen to music? is it because its in the middle of brooklyn where all you can see is hipsters from street corner to street corner? is it all of the above? yes. fuck this place. fuckk

    oktober 2009
  • realstories

    Saturday May 23rd, Bad Boys Blue band was scheduled to play at 9 pm at Club Europa. at 11: 30 pm still no concert. We went to ask for our money back from a cashier, she says we have to talk to a manager. WE go to talk to him and he shout s" fuck off bitch, you are not getting your money back!" They will play at 12 am, then he grabs a friend of mine and throws her down to the floor. She lands on her face. We all froze speechless. We pick our friend up and a manager screams "throw that bitch out!". Security grabs her and escorts her out. We follow to make sure they don't hurt her. While outside placing a 911 call I decide to go back and get our purses and jackets which we left at the table. A bouncer tells me I 'm not allowed to go back in. We have to call a mutual friend to collect our stuff and bring it down to us.

    maj 2009