Phoenix Concert Theatre

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Toronto ON, Kanada

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410 Sherbourne Street
Toronto ON M4X 1K2
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lördag 5 december 2015
The Get Up KidsConcert Phoenix Concert Theatre
Toronto ON, Kanada
43.664567 -79.373664


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  • TotalCandy

    They don't really ID if you can pull of looking more mature,helps if you come with other friends. Out of 9 events I've been to there I got only IDed once and I was 19 by then so it didn't really matter. Seems like it's a lot easier to get into places as a girl too, just smile.

    juli 2013
  • ibuythedrugs

    Any luck with a fake ID, anyone ?

    januari 2013
  • BlackDove666

    Was i hallucinating or did i see a All That Remains show on november 9th... can anyone confirm

    september 2010
  • music4dee

    p.s. I meant to say for Editors show in February:-)

    januari 2010
  • music4dee

    I already purchased my tickets..I can't wait to see them again:)))

    januari 2010
  • mattmacneil

    Has anyone ever tried getting in here with a fake ID

    oktober 2009
  • concertaholics

    One of the best little rock spots for actual "decent sound" in the Toronto Region

    oktober 2008
  • DeepSpaceBeans

    With most shows, they usually have a bar area which is separate from the stage and you need a need an armband or some such to get into the bar area. That was how they did it the few times they had an open bar during shows I went to, other times (all ages) they do not serve alcohol at all.

    augusti 2008
  • Shackie666

    how and where does it say, if if"kids" under 19, can access, or not? thxx

    juni 2008
  • live_freely

    fucking stupid age limit...

    januari 2008
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