Agora Theatre & Ballroom

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Cleveland OH, USA

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5000 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland OH 44103
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tisdag 29 mars 2016
Sonata Arctica
Sonata Arctica, DelainConcert
Agora Theatre & Ballroom
Cleveland OH, USA
41.503917 -81.653942


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  • julzfin

    I used to read about this place being legendary, but since living in Cleveland its been pretty disappointing with the booking. Rollins, Bauhaus, & The Hives have been the only good shows there in the past 4 years. Sometimes the staff are assholes to hired photographers too. There's one fat ugly bitch on staff who's got the worst breath I've ever been on the receiving end of... she always seems to like to yank on my arm in mid-photograph to ask to see my press pass. She's fucked up many good shots with her bullshit. She needs to fuck with the cellphone cam bootleggers, and get her corpsemouth out of my fucking face!

    september 2008
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