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  • himeko_katagiri


    juni 2014
  • LovSicFrs

    21 and up venue for everyone asking. Saw Yuck there on Sunday, great show!

    april 2012
  • HippieLove4Ever

    so you have to be 21 to get in?

    februari 2012
  • bolognaa


    december 2010
  • metalasyourpans

    What the hell? Four Tet is one of my favorite artitst, and I can't even see him. Play at Nickel City or something, that seems like the only place anyone under 21 can go.. LAME!

    december 2009
  • awesty

    So depressing.

    juli 2009
  • bleedflowers

    boohoo...I suppose they check IDs? T_______T;

    juli 2009
  • Roflcopter_Down

    any suggestions on how to get in if under 21? hah. [2]

    juni 2009
  • rustawaykid

    fuck 21+ is right. and I don't even drink! and I would pay extra as if I was! This country is idiotic. damn....anyone ever snuck into a show there...?

    april 2009
  • leee

    Anyone know what time shows usually end at?

    april 2009
  • audreybenten

    So happy coming back to my favorite club on March 28th! Can't wait.

    februari 2009
  • LeeSkitzoDancer

    fuck 21+ i love crystal castles <_>

    oktober 2008
  • DunkDominos

    goddamn this place. I need a fake ID or something.

    september 2008
  • crissyw

    21+ fails.

    september 2008
  • Synth_Junkie

    21 up?!?!?! nnoooooo i have 2 go see crystal castles in october (-__-;)

    augusti 2008
  • pornospamrobot

    agreed, fuck 21+

    juli 2008
  • grfnkl

    Horse Feathers!!! Going!

    juli 2008
  • fugees_funyuns

    Fake ID time

    maj 2008
  • Farimah6

    Get reincarnated as a European so you can go to whatever gigs you like. I feel for you!

    mars 2008
  • demaupin

    i agree 21+ shows are rediculous & shouldn't exist. problem is the CA liquor licensing laws are such that in order to have people under 21 admitted, you have to have a restaurant type liquor license. many of the sf venues that are privately owned do not have the money to build kitchen facilities & run a full restaurant, & may not be admitted that permit regardless. not always the venue's fault.

    februari 2008
  • beechee87

    any suggestions on how to get in if under 21? hah.

    oktober 2007
  • demaupin

    ... but hooray for low/no ticket service charges, and venues that are not owned by bloody livenation (ie. clearchannel.) both very rare in sf these days <3

    augusti 2007
  • kazumiakakaz


    maj 2007
  • pnemeth

    Fuck 21+ shows.

    april 2007