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  • chiky_pavon

    I'm from Nicaragua but I will do whatever it takes to get my ass there in san Francisco.. It is a challenge for me, I have never traveled before..

    april 2013
  • -maggii-

    daddy you expect Mexico many sincere longings, the sand here in monterrey mexico si? hope you ,,,!!!

    april 2009
  • Patrol42

    It's pretty good. But the sound is crappy up front, they sound guy is also bass drum crazy, overpowers everything in a bad way. At least when I've been there.

    mars 2009
  • misanthroptk

    There isnt anything technically "wrong" with the Warfield, it just isnt a very good venue. Its cramped in all the wrong ways and structured so that its awkward to find where you want to be. Seats are terrible and the floor ushers are douche bags (specifically the one really awkward guy with the pony tail who always stands at the bottom of the main floor stairs and yells at people for being on them) Bottom of the Hill and Rickshaw stop are way better for small shows, and the Fillmore and Great American Music Hall for bigger ones.

    september 2008
  • auronguardian

    Great place. If you ever get a chance to see someone here, do so.

    september 2008
  • sloshopgirl

    Wow.... These people are kind of ridiculous (and methinks slightly ignorant?) There is NOTHING wrong with the Warfield, other than the fact that it is old and worn out, and closed all summer.

    maj 2008
  • lykesorad

    Aw man I like the Warfield. For one it's one of the only really beautiful old theaters left in San Francisco. Tragic. It's gorgeous and historical. I think the people are just intense haha but definitley cool.

    maj 2008
  • NicholasNizib

    We're only mean if you act like an idiot.

    maj 2008
  • davigno

    The theatre is really cool but the people working there is kinda rude.

    mars 2008
  • indiechick

    im going there soon. never been...

    mars 2008
  • Mez_Rat

    The warfield is sick. Its the fillmores brother club. It has seating and General Admission. Bars galore and get the biggest names in the bay area. ITS TRULY AMAZINGLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THEATER IN SAN FRANCISCO..

    februari 2008
  • xbaezmx

    yeah whats wrong with the place ?

    februari 2008
  • psychedelephant

    what's wrong with the warfield?

    januari 2008
  • thither

    Seriously, this has gotta be the worst venue in SF...

    januari 2008
  • NicholasNizib

    Fuck you.

    december 2007
  • broccolipower

    big fucking boooooooooooooo to the warfield. sucks.

    september 2007