Plymouth Pavilions

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Plymouth, Storbritannien

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Millbay Road
Plymouth PL1 3LF
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torsdag 12 november 2015
The Vaccines
The VaccinesConcert
Plymouth Pavilions
Plymouth, Storbritannien
50.369272 -4.149444

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söndag 22 november 2015
Anthrax, KvelertakConcert
Plymouth Pavilions
Plymouth, Storbritannien
50.369272 -4.149444

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  • Rhythmdave

    TleilaxuMaster is right on the money!

    november 2012
  • TleilaxuMaster

    Plymouth Uni exams are held here. Place scares me shitless. I might be tempted to go if there were more metal bands (as in proper metal, not trivium rubbish).

    maj 2009
  • ReeseHoward

    Not the best sound quality in the gig hall, but at least theres always decent bands coming down.

    februari 2009
  • Hanishi

    I think we've had some pretty good bands - Trivium and KoRn to name a few, and we're steadily getting more. It'll only get better, is what I think. :3

    maj 2008
  • Tob3z

    Someone want to edit the venue details. The website link is wrong. It's one l not two. :)

    mars 2008
  • dead-in-my-bed

    dude plymouth NEEDS more metal so far ive been going to all my gigs in falmouth and that only seats 320 butits the best for metal its all good and well travellin up and down the country but i cant!!

    mars 2008
  • mynameistrever

    meh! i think its big enough! if you wanna see bigger bands, you gotta travel. Its not so bad

    februari 2008
  • guinea124

    needs to be bigger

    januari 2008
  • MightyJordan

    The main problem with Plymouth is that we don't get many big bands. We've had Green Day, Lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, and Trivium in the past. In January, we've got KoRn coming, which I'd really love to go to. It's slowly getting there. Black Sabbath is also coming down, as well as Status Quo.

    november 2007
  • KFKangaroo

    its not a great venue, but theres is nothing wrong with the city! i have been to much worse cities for gigs!

    juli 2007
  • SimoSensai

    I agree, horrible horrible venue, horrible horrible city, yet unlucky for me it's probably the biggest near me. :[

    juni 2007
  • endlessrain

    Horrible venue with nazi staff!

    april 2007
  • jannerjake

    doesnt get enough big bands :(

    april 2007
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