Shepherds Bush Empire

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London, Storbritannien

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Shepherd's Bush Green
London W12 8TT
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+44 (0)20 8354 3300

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lördag 20 februari 2016
Come Find Yourself 20th Anniversary tour
Fun Lovin' CriminalsConcert
Shepherds Bush Empire
London, Storbritannien
51.503485 -0.224181

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torsdag 14 april 2016
The Iron MaidensConcert Shepherds Bush Empire
London, Storbritannien
51.503485 -0.224181

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  • dannylovex

    I work here :D

    september 2011
  • ukgreaterlondon

    day one of this web site, day one of seeing these music groups.

    februari 2011
  • IanAR

    the fact that you have to be on your toes the whole gig to see the band sucks, and the sound sucks, and the bouncers/staff were unfriendly and unhelpful [2]

    september 2010
  • Curfew_Music

    When is MSG ??

    januari 2010
  • Aardvark_One

    Is it worth going to see the Buzzcocks on Friday if we can only get tickets for level 3? I've never been to Shepard's Bush and can hardly imagine how bad it can be. Thanks

    januari 2009
  • dante696969

    I'm seeing Opeth tonight, height kinda makes a difference, cos if you're 4 foot nothing you're gunna see nothing anyways. personally, i'm either right at the rfront (maybe second row) or to the side of the stage, so he's not really a pussy, except the sound, would you rather it sound a whispering in your ear, or something loud you're gunna remember!

    november 2008
  • BerkMolla

    Anybody want a ticket for Mercury Rev tomorrow?

    november 2008
  • MaLaKoT

    2 tickets for TV on the Radio at Shepherds Bush Empire on 19 Nov. Level 2 Unreserved seats. are available. If interested, msg me.

    november 2008
  • Robalob

    it being too loud doesn't make you a pussy at all, everyone has their own personal enjoyment level :/ also there's only so many people who can fit down the front

    september 2008
  • greenthought

    The guy 2 below isn't a pussy. Well complaining about it being to loud is a little bit pussy... it's really not. But he's spot on about the view if you're standing. There are only a few good spots in this venue, but you have to get there super early to nab them. Otherwise you're screwed. Oh, and to giggower - not everyone wants to go down the front.

    september 2008
  • giggower

    the guy who commented below me is a complete pussy. um normally wen u go to a gig its goign to be loud. and if u cant see push to the front u tw@

    juli 2008
  • nelsonphillipio

    went to shepards bush last night to see Stephen Malkmus... the seating was fine on the 1st floor, i had a good view. Saw broken social scene a couple of weeks ago, standing, couldn't see fo rthe life of me! The sound last night was too loud aswell, i felt deaf by the time it was over.

    juni 2008
  • danwildey

    Saw my second concert here The Hoosier good Seats amd Sound Was Ok Security by the Seats were miserable fucks though

    mars 2008
  • MrsSparkes

    Love this place. Saw Rooster here, absolute perfect seats.

    februari 2008
  • LouisLloyd

    Does anyone GOOD ever play here!?

    november 2007
  • jonny_rubber

    Was there last night and i've gotta say i'm not going to be rushing back. Didn't like the venue much toilets downstairs were painful and they didn't have a smoking area so everyone was in the toilets smoking :(

    september 2007
  • middleclasssam

    SHIT venue the fact that you have to be on your toes the whole gig to see the band sucks, and the sound sucks, and the bouncers/staff were unfriendly and unhelpful SHIT!

    juni 2007
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