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  • Just meant to be a catch-all category. Stupid to tag artists as such when we already have tags for "son", "mali", etc.
  • not really
  • offensive term
  • Music-produced-by-people-of-a-different-ethnicity-I-like-to-listen-to-it-while-having-conversations-about-organic-cheeses-my-nephew-"creates.
  • Don't miss this one t0o,
  • I prefer to use the term "Ethnic Music."
  • MÚSICA SOUND November 12, 2014 Tomar el té en la India, un whisky en el desierto, fumar algo en Jamaica, comer ostras en Bretaña, perderte en Granada, montar a caballo en Mongolia, jugar a la play en Japón, volver a fumar algo en Marruecos,hacer el amor en la selva africana, perderte en la sabana, tomarte una pinta en Irlanda, mascar coca en Perú, invitar a tu pareja a un roncito en Cuba, volver a Jamaica …. Y todo sin salir de casa con esta lista que no es de una agencia de viajes.
  • the alternative would be 'foreign music' and no one wants to say that.
  • "lol. Isn't every music produced ever world music, as it was produced somewhere on this world? Pretty pointless." I think you missed the point.
  • AFRICAN MUSIC. Centrada fundamentalmente en el África negra, la lista recorre sonidos llenos de ritmo, ternura, espiritualidad y, como no, reivindicación política. Canciones del gran Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Malatu Astatke, el afro-beat, los sonidos de Etiopía, etc. A spotify list:
  • Japanese Flute Shakuhachi, Abstract Hip-Hop Meditation (Zen Music) Zen Hop by DJ Gami.K
  • lol. Isn't every music produced ever world music, as it was produced somewhere on this world? Pretty pointless.
  • I would like to see the long birth certificates of Manu Chao and George Harrison. Surely they are both extraterrestrial? I kindly urge the staff to delete this derogatory tag.
  • or maybe you prefer musics in this tag to be called outer-world musics?
  • Bienvenue dans le vaste univers musical de CERISE FM. Online Broadcast from 17h from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12h (French time) . 20h-03h special ethno world Music program.!/profile/Saredemba/24683562/broadcast
  • People who say they like "world music" shouldn't be allowed to have a passport.
  • (-:
  • surely music from other worlds is still world. [3] I prefer Mars music, myself. [3] ;-) [2]
  • But I do like the current description for this tag: "'World' (or “World Music”) is a controversial classification often used in music marketing to easily discriminate different music from the anglophone genres (and even traditional anglophone Folk genres from more popular styles such as Rock, Pop, Jazz and Electronic music)."
  • v Agreed. I hate the use of this tag and I hate that my local music store has a "world" section in which they stick any album they're not sure how to classify. I once asked an employee there why I found music by lesser known central american artists in the "world" section but Shakira is in the regular rock/pop section. It makes no sense!
  • this tag is one of the biggest insults ever. i am ashamed that it still predominates in use as indirect and underhanded mockery for the various styles of international folk artists.
  • surely music from other worlds is still world. [2] I prefer Mars music, myself. [2] ;-)
  • politics aside-i love the music whatever the tag its given-this is the real music!
  • I want this tag to die by lots of fire [8]
  • I want this tag to die by lots of fire [5]
  • A lot of people are discrediting the tag 'World Music' but I don't think it is such a bad idea! I have recently started a digital World Music & Culture Magazine. TETO (To Each Their Own) Music aims to go beyond the standard concepts of music magazines by getting rid of the usual labels associated to music and its genre. This will be accomplished by splitting the articles by continent and having artists categorised geographically rather than by genre in order to highlight the cultural context of the music in question. Check out the links below to have a read about some of the pioneers associated to countries around the World.
  • excludes white people duh
  • Hello from Egypt!
  • I want this tag to die by lots of fire [4]
  • I want this tag to die by lots of fire [3]
  • this description is great, vey accurate
  • I want this tag to die by lots of fire [2]
  • Well, at least this is a good way to find new artists that you can then listen to more of their work on And mixes on
  • This tag is so annoying! I try to listen to music from a particular part of the world, and it plays music from all over the world. I mean, we are all one, but there are some serious cultural and musical differences. Let us revel in the uniqueness!!!
  • lol, don't worry about it too much :) But do suggest some better tags too. [tag]Musica de mundo[/tag] isn't getting much support yet @VolcanoColdplay :(
  • i wish
  • I want this tag to die by lots of fire.
  • *fart*
  • Dear friends, we are happy to invite you at PLAI FESTIVAL in Timisoara, Romania at the Banat Village Museum, 14-16 of September 2012: 3 days of concerts + cultural activities --- PATRICE & The Supowers, FATOUMATA Diawara, AZIZA Mustafa Zadeh, OQUESTRADA, BLUE NIPPLE BOY, The GANGA JAZZ ENSEMBLE and SUBCARPATI. --- 40 cultural partners (NGOs, cultural institutes, embassies) will offer free workshops, theater performances, movie screenings etc… Try every workshop, relax in the OPEN AIR at the ChillOut with SILENT DISCO, enjoy some SUSHI and find out what WORLD MUSIC is all about directly from this year's artists. Please feel free to send this invitation to all of your friends who might be interested in this event. We thank you and we will welcome you at PLAI! &
  • Should be re-named to "third world"
  • surely music from other worlds is still world
  • I prefer Mars music, myself.
  • All music is world music.
  • This classification of music only highlights people's limited knowledge of a whole genre of music that we should respect more
  • after being on this page for too long the word 'world' has lost all meaning
  • Wow, other people feel the same about this tag. I think we should start tagging everything with the tag World, until we start to find music from other worlds...
  • if english speakers tag music in other language as "world" music Im going to tag theirs as "musica de mundo" if is not in spanish, doable with all the existing idioms. Lets see how they like it [2]


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