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  • Avatar för Skittlez45
    *looks at the comment below me* hmm kind of wanna know what the person said :/
  • Avatar för jfon605
    vv Clearly has nothing to say, copies other idiots and thinks he looks witty.
  • Avatar för jfon605
    vv Seriously doesn't know how to use 'butthurt' in proper context (or come up with a non-overused internet insult). Perhpas the last two "certain someones" (look how cleverly vague yet obvious that I'm being!!) should get over their own 'butthurt' and go listen to their La Roux and Lana Del Rey records.
  • Avatar för enid_coleslaw_
    vv Seriously. Those last two comments were full of butthurt.
  • Avatar för idkmon
    Wow, someone on this shoutbox needs to get over themselves. And it's not the first four commenters.
  • Avatar för jfon605
    "Catchy and credible". *eyeroll* In other words, an obvious corporate campaign to hype trashy Dance-pop as "authentic". Fuck this painfully fake nothing of a "genre". Can't believe the country that gave us the 60s "Invasion", 70s Glam and New Romanticism is reduced to slobbering over this.
  • Avatar för PrincessJess22
    BBC was wrong.
  • Avatar för HeatherGreenEye
    no,thanks. there's no sense in making up new music genres out of particularly nothing.
  • Avatar för Hydra
    pfft, crap tag, there's enough obscurely named genres already thank you
  • Avatar för kefcio
    this is retarded. how did i get here. [2]

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