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  • Avatar för hcfan
    wanted blood, sabaton is power metal with lyrical themes of war. war metal is a subgenre of black metal..i like both but you're a retard
  • Avatar för Herr_Liddell
    Sabaton... War Metal... GTFO!
  • Avatar för darkgnome
    lol @ Wantedblood
  • Avatar för sangremuerto
    Sabaton is gay shit ahahah
  • Avatar för BrideOfTheSun
    Sabaton as "war metal"... [5] <3
  • Avatar för Wantedblood
    Implying that Sabaton isn't war metal, HAHAHAH OH WOW. Its lyrical themes are about war, so why can't it be called war metal? Sabaton is WAR as fuck, so you'd rather retag your shit as "bestial black metal", fucking pretentious poser cunts.
  • Avatar för DecibelRebel_
    Sabaton as "war metal"... [4]
  • Avatar för Kliatva
    Sabaton as "war metal"... [3]
  • Avatar för Izhorian
    Hail Of Bullets is the most war-ish sounding metal band!
  • Avatar för Celuloose
    Sabaton as "war metal".. [2]

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