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  • OMGGGG wtf is tis? man wearing make up and dresses?Gay!!!! just woman can do this!!! fuck this is so gayyyy!!!! faggets [2] lel
  • sls
    furry david bowie
  • this shoutbox is hilarious
  • I will check it out.
  • explains the low birth rate. [2] Yeah, actually more than you think, sadly. World of entertainment is killing Japan. Males prefer to marry 2D waifus and females prefer to fantaisize on effemenite boys and yaoi material... Look up the documentary called "No Sex Please, We're Japanese" if you're interested in the subject. Men and women don't have interest in each other anymore. A kinda fucked up situation if you ask me. Almost -no- literally sounds like a conspiracy. Reminds me of the controversial book Kachikujin Yapû where the author describes modern Japanese culture as an entrapment made to domesticate Japanese people.
  • "Dudes in make up is gay" Kiss,Marilyn Manson,Alice cooper...the list is long.And they have a lot of fans, both male and females.But again I don't see them kissing each other on stage.When you have guys in make up is kinda obvious that you gonna attract female fans more than anything.I Personally know some japanese guys that like it and others that don't.Both of them have something in common,guess what? they like idol groups and vocaloids.May explain the low birth rate.
  • @PetitSagittaire I can't believe you people still try to act like music authorities on here. If you don't like a genre of music, you don't listen to it. Rambling about how much you don't like a genre makes you look like an ass. I used to criticize mainstream pop bands years ago, but I stopped because it's a waste of time and everyone has their own tastes. But yes most of the fanbase in Japan consists of females, and it's the same in the western world too. I would assume that the image draws males away, since dudes in makeup is apparently super gay.
  • v In other hand we have vocaloids and shitty idol groups with 100% of their fanbase japanese male otakus with 40 years old.Eh maybe japan needs another nuke
  • @gwanke41 That's the funny part of it. In Japan almost 100% of the fanbase is made of females and queers whereas in Europa, America and other weeaboos' countries many lost manlets listen to this poser genre.
  • OMGGGG wtf is tis? man wearing make up and dresses?Gay!!!! just woman can do this!!! fuck this is so gayyyy!!!! faggets
  • No, I meant Visual Kei is a poser genre.
  • vvv you're not a poser, just a fagget lololo
  • Visual GAY [7]
  • Oh my god, I'm a poser for liking this kind of music, I can't even. (I'm not a girl, btw)
  • Do you VK fans realize the whole Visual Kei scene in Japan is diriged towards a female teens fanbase to make profit from fanservice? Posers.
  • Too bad when this concept happened in america it became the abomination called blood on the dance floor ;-; What the fuck america?
  • visual gay
  • I enjoy listening to Visual Kei a lot because its awesome and its fun. Thanks to this genre my life has become positive and happy. <3 I will forever be an addict.
  • Say the Gay-pop fags.
  • Visual GAY [6]
  • This term really has nothing to do with the music does it
  • Visual GAY [5]
  • visual kei is the best thing ever
  • uşcherbnoje govno dljä bydla ebanogo
  • I miss this music, I might just come back to it. ♥
  • <3
  • "often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics." someone show me a vk band where they aren't androgynous go
  • >mfw I used to listen to this
  • those this people try to be mean?? cause i only get that theyre such moron trying to be cool lol if you dont like visual kei what the hell are you doing here?
  • Hurts is well tagged even if teyre not japanese? check them out btw, it's awesome synthpop there :P
  • I wait the GazettE to leave this tag (I can't say differently because it's even not a genre of music). I think they can follow good path without that visual kei shit.
  • DEG are still at the top lol okay.
  • @fredickErased: because there was a japanese visual kei band named Hurts. Man people, can't you just accept that your fav band may not be the only one owning their name? This is what makes me mad about people crying into their pants on band pages because their crap band happens to share the name with other groups.
  • These bands' tradition of styling their names in all caps or in weird goth fonts bothers me much more than their looks.
  • why are the Hurts tagged with this jap-crap? what's going to be next? Kiss and Alice Cooper?
  • Kaffikjelen: I believe it is something more akin to "visual kay".
  • Do you pronounce this "visual gay", or am I wrong?
  • japanese are too fucking cute >:)
  • *-*
  • an cafe / lm.c / sug / the gazette <3
  • who the fuck cares if they look like girls, they are stunning and are amazing, so fuck off haterz and grow the fuck up! ><
  • @xVTSWx: So what? "seen live" and "female vocalists" are not genres as well. Tags are NOT genres.
  • beka z tego
  • @Beojiko not all the time. Miko from exist trace looks like a girl.
  • "How do you tell apart the girls and guys in this genre?" The girls look like guys, the guys look like girls. Look at existtrace for evidence
  • lol@ black veil brides listed on this tag. it's funny because it kinda fits
  • Not visual gay, just visual appeal to sell more and more. Or in the good cases, it's art, it's like theatre. At least, this is what I think. Anyway, I love Visual Kei music.
  • if a duck doesn't "identify" as a duck, it's still a fucking duck.


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