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  • there needs to be less russian toddlers running their excitable mouths on lastfm shoutboxes in everyone's lives.
  • Amon Amarth... VIKING METAL?! LMAO! You all need more Bathory and Sleipnir in your lives.
  • amon amarth, korpiklaani and turisas are not viking
  • Hey all! Nodding Sky has just released a new song called "Hukka" - listen to it here: - and please give us feedback if you feel so!
  • Amon Amarth and Korpiklaani -- not viking metal, lol
  • Amon Amarth is viking metal. Don`t pay attention to fuckin black metal whores.
  • how is korpiklanni is viking metal all they talk about is drinking and going to hunt until their latest album came out but still someone tell how are they viking metal?
  • there's no viking metal [5]
  • 666
  • .................................*
  • I wouldn't consider Amon Amarth brutal death metal, but melodic death metal, yes.
  • Slipknot is viking metal
  • YUJU!!
  • 666
  • Amon Amarth Brutal/Melodic Death Metal
  • Perhaps you will like this metal band . ready 1.1.2016
  • Hey I started a new group for music fanatics, the focus is going to be different than the ExMF and the frosty paradigm. It's a bit of an experiment but if a bunch of people get in it could be cool. Join if you are interested. I want this group to become a center for music discussion on Lastfm (even though it's metal centered, other genres are more than welcome to be discussed.) Cheers!
  • MITHOTYN - NIDHOGG demo For Sale!
  • GTFO Amon Amarth!
  • This is a real and legitimate genre, it's just that it's being misused 90% of the time. [3]
  • This is a real and legitimate genre, it's just that it's being misused 90% of the time. [2]
  • This is a real and legitimate genre, it's just that it's being misused 90% of the time.
  • v. hurrr
  • Fuck your fucking genres you genrewhores, metal is metal \m/ [2]
  • there's no viking metal [4] > PAGAN METAL
  • there's no viking metal [3]
  • Viking metal used as an actual musically descriptive genre name is simply put a fusion of black metal and nordic folk music. Obviously that type of metal exists, and it's not simply equatable to melodic black metal. It's a flawed but still the most useful and established go-to label for those specifically looking for fusions of black metal and nordic folk, so there is no reason why it should be ignored by those interested in finding that particular sound.
  • Мне просто необходимо оставить тут русский комментарий.
  • No Remorse No Retreat are a five piece band based in England/Wales.Formed in 2006/7. Initially as a side project with members from three other bands ,it has taken on a life of its own.Thier music is British Heavy metal which croses several genres, such as NWOBHM,early thrash,early death and even punk.Thier lyrics are battle/pagan/war inspired along the lines of Manowar etc. They have released two full length albums “TO GLORY WE RIDE”2008 which was stripped back old school metal and “WARBRINGER”2009 a much heavier album.Both were released on Ironage Records( have also appeared on covermount cds of the magazines Terrorizer,Zero Tolerence,Legacy/ Pagan Fire(Germ),Rock Tribune(Belg)
  • there is definitely viking metal, but i am not sure it should be differentiated from folk metal, as a sub sub genre or separate. but who cares.
  • there's no viking metal [2]
  • Fuck your fucking genres you genrewhores, metal is metal \m/
  • Actually, Amon Amarth is Viking metal for more than just lyrical reasons. With Tyr it is debatable because they have no black metal influence.
  • Amon Amarth? They're just Melodeath
  • AA isn't viking metal!
  • I'm in agreement with Swed Simon, though I think the genre would be better re-named epic metal to reflect this. That's really the feel I get listening to the likes of Hammerheart, rather than the misleading "viking metal".
  • Are Amon Amarth and Týr Viking Metal just because they sing about vikings? Actually, I don't think so. ;)
  • The label ''viking metal'' didn't develop to describe bands singing about vikings. It developed to describe a certain set of musical aspects: It's structurally like black metal but features melodic and rhythmic influences from nordic folk music and sea shanties, it's more ''clean'' sounding both vocally and instrumentally than black metal and focuses on creating an ''epic'' atmosphere rather than grim one. Listen to this track (Falkenbach - Heathen Foray) and you'll know what viking metal is This is the way encylopedia metallum uses the label, for example. If you think it's just about trivial sound differences it's better to just ignore it and use broader labels as navigation tools to find music. Even though the usefulness of the label's been (very) bastardised by people using it to refer to lyrics, it's still quite helpful to find or avoid musical traits, for those who cares.
  • Amon Amarth is Melodeath
  • Visit Fimbultyr here: and like it for a free download of our demo as well as updates and information //Christofer of Fimbultyr
  • least they got Bathory, Thyrfing, and Equilibrium right...
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  • @ToxicGriever [re: "Viking metal is melodic death metal?" - No. Viking metal is an offshoot of black metal.] -- I love most Scandinavian folk metal (i.e. "viking metal")and pretty much all melodic death, but dislike most black metal. I myself don't like to admit that there'd be no viking metal without black metal. I tend to ally my fave "viking metal" bands, like Tyr and Korpiklaani, with other subgenres that are not black metal -- in these cases power metal, I guess. Perhaps the person claiming it is all melodic death is like me: turned off by a lot of black metal and its associations. (I'm a gay Jew fer chrissakes. They probably have their reasons too.)
  • Who in the Sam Hill tagged Gjallarhorn with this?? Multiple people must be, because its one of their main tags. I listen to viking metal. I listen to modern Scandinavian folk. I know which of these Gjallarhorn is. Some of you are idiots out there.
  • xxweirdwonderxx: Too late. "Ninja Magic" ffs! :D
  • \m/ [2]


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